Ruthless soldiers beat up Legal practitioner in FESTAC Town

Power hungry soldiers, on Tuesday, aggressively chased down a civilian, Olajide Sipe, shot and brutalised him for engaging in an argument with a soldier over the right of way at FESTAC Town, Lagos State.

The victim, who is a legal practitioner, is said to have been chased by the soldiers, numbering about four, who shot at his vehicle and blew out his car tyre in the process.

According to The Guardian, Sipe was dragged out of his car by the enraged army officials and beaten with stones and sticks. He was ultimately saved by a retired Commodore, who was driving by at the time of the incident.

The victim is currently receiving treatment at a hospital along 72 Road, where he was rushed to by concerned bystanders.

Explaining his painful ordeal, Sipe stated that: “I was coming from where I went to buy water barely 10 minutes after talking with my wife on the phone at 23 Road Mobil Petrol station. People buying fuel had blocked one lane and a soldier had stopped a bus on the other lane in the middle of the road.”

“When I realized the soldier was blocking the road, I said to him, Oga this thing you are doing is causing holdup, why don’t you take the bus out of the road, so that we can move. He just said to me ‘who are you, what nonsense are you talking’, and I said, no Oga I’m not trying to teach you what to do, I’m only telling you that if you do this thing it will be better for us using the road.”

“The next thing he said was, ‘you must be a useless man.’ When I saw that he was already getting enraged, I decided to move my car, but he started running after me. Another soldier, light in complexion, came in front of my car, I stopped, and he began kicking my front wheel and smashed my windscreen.”

“Two other soldiers boarded a bike, making four of them on me. I decided to make a U-turn and speed off but they rammed their bike into my car. Not done with that, they shot at the car twice, the second bullet hit my tyre. When I heard the sound of the gun, I couldn’t believe I was being shot at.”

“After my tyre went flat, I came down and they ran to me and beat me mercilessly. That was the last thing I knew before I saw myself in the hospital. I was told the commanding officer of the soldiers, Lieutenant Sadi, later came to the hospital to see the damage his men had caused, but offered no succor or remorse.”

The soldiers were said to have fled the scene after the man was rushed to the hospital.

Source: Ynaija


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