Saraki received salaries, pensions 4 years after leaving office

An operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Michael Wetkast, who is also the prosecution witness in the ongoing trial of the Senate President. Bukola Saraki, has made some new revelations.

Wetkast told the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), that Saraki continued to receive salaries, pensions four years after he left office as the Governor of Kwara state. The EFCC agent said the agency investigated the Senate President’s salary account, and found out that he received salaries till 2015.

Wetkast said “His salary for June was N291,412:75k, while that of July, August and September were N572,286:32k, N744,000 and N743,942 respectively,” Mr. Wetkast said. “Mr. Saraki also received the sums of N1,165,488 between the months of October and February 2012.” Adding that pensions and salaries were paid to Saraki’s account till August 31, 2015.

Michael Wetkast on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, also revealed how the Senate President diverted Kwara state funds for his personal use. He also told the tribunal that Saraki used funds from the Kwara state coffers to purchase choice properties in different locations.

Wetkast also revealed that the former Governor’s aides sometimes lodged between N600, 000 to N980,000, 50 times in a single day, allegedly into Saraki’s bank account.

Source: Pulse


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