Video: Everybody should just die in Nigeria- Man

This video above shows the level of frustration in Nigeria.

In this video, this man who happens to be a taxi driver from  south western nigeria, where most people speak the Yoruba language which is one of the major languages in Nigeria after the igbo and hausa language respectively speaks on the issue of fuel scarcity.

He said , ' it's about the fuel scarcity issue,and the way things are going is not pleasing , what i wish right now is for Nigeria to be wiped off , and everybody should die.

Also,  we don't have a government, all the government we have had in the country are very unfortuante and selfish.

Our government is not good, and what i want is not  for one person  to perish but everybody in Nigeria including for buhari and it should be sudden death.

I slept at a filling station for two day seeking for petrol, and right now am here, i have spent the money i was supposed to use buy fuel on food, everybody should just die because with the way things are going , we no longer have people with integrity as leaders


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