145 Per Litre; Our Side of the Story

Nigerians are really pissed by the recent subsidy removal leading for the pump price of petrol to be fixed at 145 naira per litre!

Although according to the government and analyst side of the subsidy removal story, The removal is for the better good of most Nigerians but Nigerians don't understand the macroeconomics or the analysis.

All they know and feel right now is that Things are Hard and to be Frank things are quite Hard!

Why should Nigerians be pissed or be angry? Do they have the right to be pissed and angry?

It depends from  what angle you are looking at the issue.

 Am not going to bore you with the analytics , so am i going to get straight to the issue of the 145 per litre.

To the layman, 145 means hardship! Undiluted Hardship and wickedness by the government and  specifically the Nigerian president , Muhammadu Buhari.

Just walk the street, and ask people, whose is to blame for the state of the Nation? The reply you get is "Na Buhari" which mean it is "Buhari"

To be frank , you can't blame them, because that 's is the only person Nigerians are supposed to see and would see because they fought for the mandate which made him their leader.

We all know the government is trying to cut the level at which  its services recurrent expenditure which the fuel subsidy is major,  but should it be at this moment?

Yeah, there is nothing wrong with the policy but the timing and awareness about the policy is ill-timed.

Like i said earlier, Things are hard! Just visit the street and you would see  poverty, frustration and disappointment.


The government could do jingles, commercials about this new policy to create awareness, and if this is too expensive, use Social media to spread awareness just like the  Buhari government did during  Election i.e colourful adverts and animations.

The government should know that no matter the honourable intention it might have for Nigerians , discontent with the current regime is very high ( The government can do a survey if it wants to confirm this)

So as a result, the government needs to manage the situation effectively and quickly as the situation can lead to chaos, a situation most corrupt  people will like to take advantage of.

Even if those on social media seem to support the fuel subsidy, those in the streets, those market women who now buy 5 tomatoes for #450/500 , to the man who nows has to buy a bag rice at double the price or who buys pure water at double the price and who are the most affected by it and who don't have the luxury of sharing or getting information from social media, Do Not Support!

And the government needs to make its intention very clear and understandable to Nigerians as most Nigerians don't understand the 145 per liter/fuel subsidy removal


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