A letter of Unemployment by T.I.A

This is one major issue which is of great concern in the country called Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country made up of over 170 million people, with the youths constituting the larger percentage of the population of this former Giant of Africa.

These youths are energetic, brilliant , dogged and industrious.

These youths have been faced with challenges ever since they left secondary school.

Some of them waited years before getting admission into a university( not that they aren't brilliant) but the system is so damaged that these youths are left with no choice but do any course they are given, immediately they are granted admission into schools.

So after gaining admission, then the hassle of School itself, which can be quite frustrating and demoralizing.

Then, the challenge of going to serve their nation ( NYSC ) which takes the duration of a year.

After finishing, these youths once again start the challenge of hunting for Jobs.

And you blame Nigeria for not being productive?

The Nigerian society is not enabling but for those who have carried out feats, they are exceptional and lucky, but not every youth belong in that category.

So, for the youths , it almost synonymous to starting from scratch like doing Jamb all over again and waiting for admission( in this case, admission into the labor market)

So the cycle remains the same and continues every year.

Unlike the times after independence till the early 90s, where you had no business with choosing a course that was marketable.

You will get fixed according to your ability and discipline.

Nowadays, A graduate of Yoruba education could be found in a bank.

A Phd holder/masters could be a driver.

How then is our education contributing to our development?

And also getting a job is also dependent on the level of connection a person, so as a result some have lost their trust in the system.

Take for example, A friend found a job offer online and after hurrying to apply, he found out some candidates had already been picked before the offer was put online.

This happened in one of the most industrious state in Nigeria, and infact the commercial hub of Nigeria and the job offer involved an agency charged with managing "Road traffic"

Now one of the main problems on this issue of unemployment is the "Companies, Multinational companies and investors"


The idea of having 3-7 years experience as a prerequisite before you can work is not strange to a person who has done the Job of "Hunting of Jobs"

This is one of the many problems and fear these so called companies put in these youths.

Tell me, how does a person who finished a 4 or 5 year course, and not considering the "Strike or industrial action by ASUU" factor, expected to have this experience.

If you want these guys to go look for jobs at various companies, while in school, you are not helping the quality of graduates coming out of our schools.

We are fond of short-changing the system, trying to find a short-cut which in the end turns out wrong.

A Student is a student and should remain so within the duration , he or she is meant to be. He is not meant to become trader, or a worker within that period. Although this type of thing happen in other countries, that does not make it right however.

Education should be easily accessible to all, this is not the 1960s where a student hawks after school, then reads at night.

As a result of this double-life in schools, some don't see the school as a place to learn but as a place to get a certificate.

Also some of these Nigerian companies are much more content on how your letter is arranged, how you shake interviewers, how fluent is your english?

How is that a prerequisite to refuse a person a job when he has got substance?

Mind you, this is not about not presenting yourself well but about finding the most simple mistake not to recruit a person thereby frustrating the youth.

Social media is a wide platform full of numerous talents which this company could exploit.

They can use scouts to monitor some certain prominent individuals on social media to call them for Jobs.

Seriously I don't think these companies are doing enough to reduce the problem of unemployment.

And if the problems blows over, even these companies will not escape the wrath of these youths as snippets of what the situation of "unemployment" could cause has continued to manifest itself on daily basis across the nation through acts of Kidnapping, Fraud and stealing etc.


The government should sign an agreement with these investors or foreign companies/multinationals to have a certain quota of unemployed they are to accept at a certain duration.

This should be imbibed in the companies social responsibility plan.

The agreement to recruit could be on a contract basis thereby these youth within the period of their stay at that particular company have experience to work in another.

The Nysc program should also be utilized to reduce the unemployment problem.

By youths staying at home,or leaving to travel abroad , Nigeria is continually suffereing brain -drain.

Or when a mechanical engineering genius turns a fashion designer, isn't that a loss?

They are those who are meant to be fashion designers because that is what they love to do, adversity should never be the main reason a mechanical engineer should venture into tailoring.

It's a great loss for Nigeria.

Also, these companies should not offer such salaries that would make a question the worth of his knowledge, and his reason for going to school.

The government should review the conditions some of these companies who come to Nigeria to invest treat Nigerians.

An agency should made to checkmate this with the head being the president, and also including an attorney general and experienced mass -media practitioner.

I heard some of these companies currently are now hiring more industrial training candidates in place of normal workers in order to cut cost.

And as you know, every single year, thousands of IT students leave their schools for this 6-month practise, so it is a perfect avenue to increase unemployment.

By increase in unemployment I mean due to the continual influx of IT students, graduates are unable to gain unemployment.

Also, the unemployment is used by some companies to exploit youths by using agents who tend to collect a certain percentage of the wage after getting the youths employed in a factory or company.

The sights that represent these sort of companies is no stranger to many as they are the ones who advertise employment through the sharing of leaflets and messages on the wall of streets.

These companies practice the most severe form of exploitation.

Thank you.


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