IT IS 365 DAYS! BY Hammed

Yes, it is 365 days. I read the full text from the Presidency; am not too impressed. Still down to our normal way of hoping for a better tomorrow, a better Nigeria.

Contrarily to that, I would still like to say I was not expecting much from them based on the deteriorated andcollapsible state of economy we are embattling when they came in power, but not expecting that low compared to what they have done so far. I seize to criticize their activities and achievements so far for 12 months.

Above all, something baffles me so much in this country about our so called leaders and the pattern of political games they play. In Nigeria, they campaign and win elections through propagandas, not what an individual vying for a position has done or given to help for the growth of the nation and her citizens. Right from time, all I hear about opposition parties is how they want to unseat the ruling party, and they do that only through propagandas, not even facts and figures, and provided solutions to their claims.

So, I asked myself, this so called party, what have they contributed for the growth of the economy? How many opportunities have they created to repeal the unemployment rate in the country? They can come in power, but what we need to ask is, how will they move us forward if they are not contributing and be part of the ongoing activities?

I fear that might lead to them taking us back to the start and that is to say we are dividing zero by zero which will make the country to be undefined.

Obviously, for the past 16 years, the economy and funds have been mismanaged for their selfish interest and callously way of thinking.

Unfortunately for the youths, they have adopted same mechanism the old caucus invented “propaganda”; they trend in criticizing both good and bad deeds of the government, all in the name of seeking popularity. It is a pity how many of them areclamouring to go to the Aso Rock. The question is; to go do what? To take over from where their corrupted fathers stopped?

We cry every day for bad governance, poor development, make noise here and there, everyone wants to be a politician but not a nation builder, and we are not providing solutions, all we do is criticize our government.

Do we even realize that our lawmakers made provisions for hardship allowances? Do we think about all these at all that if they really care about the masses, they would not even expect hardship in the country, let alone making provisions for that? We need to sit tight and improve our ken. We need to think out of the box, if possible we break the box to bring the best out of ourselves.

It is time for the youths to wake up from their sleeping bed and stop dreaming of just the national cake. Let us help our decrepit old leaders we have in the country that cannot offer us any improvement, and bring forward solutions for the calamities the nation is facing.

And for the other citizens as well who make things difficult for the fellow Nigerians due to their selfishness, and they blame it all on the government. We increase the price of commodities enormously so as to have uncountable gain, it is time we make the country conducive for ourselves and stop blaming government for everything!

These are my observations and take I wish to share with you all.

Be a good citizen, be a law abiding citizen and an instrument for the growth of the country.


-Hammed Lawal


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