7 Things that Frustrate Bloggers


I feel drained out and tired, and hope is running thin and why is that, because am a blogger.(Anonymous)

As a blogger, there are certain things that frustrate the true ones( the ones who don't tweak the analytics)

*Traffic *Reach *Commentators *Other Bloggers. *Stories *Environment. *The Public


This is the number one thing every blogger, in fact, everyone( every sales person, every businessman) wants people to patronize his/her business because this is where the money is.

The logic is simple: if people visit(traffic), then everything else falls in place, reach, publicity/ popularity etc

If people don't( No traffic), then everything might seem to fall apart. This is the first level of Frustration.

How To Reach People?

As a blogger( no matter what you are blogging about) even if it's lipstick, you want to have an audience, you want to know how much the information you are giving out is getting to people. The Quest for reach is real, some beg for you to comment to know you at least read the info on their blog. Some cajole you to share( the popular saying "Sharing is caring")lol. So, this is the second level of frustration, if your information( even if it's very useful) if it doesn't reach people, it's like talking to yourself. Although there are various ways to help with this without tweaking( buying or influencing analytics) which is begging.

What are people saying?

Sometimes after getting the traffic and your info gets to enough people, people then try share their opinion on the information you disseminated and I am correct if I say this is the third level of frustration. After the traffic and the reach, various people of different characters will visit your blog/website and share their opinion.

While there are those who just commend you for sharing, there are those who practically insult you(and this is one of the perks of the blogging job) while there are those, who write another article in the comment section to criticise or review your knowledge about the information you disseminated(shared).

The most frustrating lot of these commentators are the "trolls" the ones who insult, they are the headline and first paragraph reader( which is the majority of youths who visit blogs today), they don't read the second line, and they conclude, you are an idiot or a total dumbass. Or just because the angle of your article, does not go along with their views, they just attack you.

If you want to venture into blogging, be ready for this lot.

Other Bloggers.

Yeah, another frustrating thing about blogging is "fellow bloggers", our partners in crime, our competitors, what ever you call them, and here is what is frustration about other bloggers. These people sometimes lift your content without giving you credit. Sometimes, they focus on sharing rumours especially in a country like Nigeria, just because there is no story that is catchy enough. While some just copy and paste all the time, no originality on them. They drive you to hurry, rush because you will be surprised at the quickness at which they copy paste. And so much more. If you want to find out more, just go to the social media page of your favourite blogger and ask them what's frustrating about other bloggers.

Stories: Sometimes the content you churn out, are the source of your frustration. After you released a story about a bombing in Iraq, where 10 people die, and in just a minute after posting this, you hear another terror attack is going on in Paris, where over 20 have been killed. Yeah, you might see these stories as traffic-influencers, but sometimes you get frustrated about posting all these news about death. You almost take up the persona of the messenger of doom, when you post over 10 death reports in a day.

I was practically frustrated by the immigration crisis story, the way people died every day on the Mediterranean, it was nauseating.

The Environment:

Your immediate habitat( I.e where you live can frustrate your blogging process), if you are an area like Bangladesh, Nigeria , China or Russia. There are bound to be certain obstacles that will surely frustrate you.

In places like Bangladesh or Mexico, it is the fear of death or fear of posting an article against an illegal group which deals in human trafficking.

In Nigerian, there are no restrictions, no threats but as a blogger, when you don't have electricity for a 3 days( not even a blink), you are bound to get frustrated.

In China or Russia, you dare not write against the government, if you don't want to spend the rest of your blogging career in a cell with a gay prison mate. Picture that.

The Public:

The last level of frustration, these are the entirety of people on social media, the middle-aged man who has a blogging app on his phone, or the men and women in the streets.

When these people have certain stereotypes about you, it's very hard to clear it or stop it.

For example, in a place like Nigeria, bloggers are believed to be rumour-mongers, career-enders, messengers of doom, unserious and lazy writers, half-baked journalist etc

And there is absolutely nothing you write to convince them that you are different from the others, so long you accept the title of being a blogger.

You just have to accept that stain, and it is quite frustrating.

So, people, this is it( things that frustrate bloggers)

However, on a final note, The greatest frustration that could ever happen to a blogger is allowing these obstacles stated above frustrate you to stop blogging.    Facebooktwitter

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