Harry Styles set to feature in new world war II movie

Dunkirk is one of the mostly hotly anticipated films in years thanks to an all-star cast consisting of Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, who was spotted on set today in uniform sporting a bloodied bandage.

He was joined by an army of extras and a fleet of WWII battle ships which descended on Dunkirk beach this afternoon as Hollywood invaded Normandy for another day of action-packed filming.

In full Allied regalia dozens of extras were seen marching up the beach - flanked by cardboard cut-outs to bolster their numbers - almost 76 years to the day since 338,000 British, French and Belgian troops were evacuated from the beaches during World War II.

The film is based on the real life evacuation from Dunkirk, which was one of the biggest operations of the Second World War and was one of the major factors in enabling the Allies to continue fighting.

It was the largest military evacuation in history, taking place between May 27 and June 4, 1940. The evacuation, nicknamed Operation Dynamo, saw an estimated 338,000 Allied troops rescued from northern France.

The film is boyband member Harry's big screen debut and for the role he has cut off his famous long locks for a more 1940s-appropriate short back and sides.

The first clear picture of the new military haircut emerged on Twitter on Wednesday and while his role in the film remains unclear, he has been spotted in British army uniform.

In uniform: While his role is yet unclear, Styles has been spotted in British army uniform, suggesting that he will take on the role of one of the troops in the new WWII film

His character is thought to be one of the 338,000 troops evacuated from the French coast to save them from German soldiers in 1940.

While on set today the Doncaster-born singer was sporting a bandage on his hand which was stained with fake blood.

The film tells the story of the Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, in between 26 May and 4 June 1940 under the supervision and mastermind of Vice-Admiral Bertram Ramsay.


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