Identity of popular actor who slept with Wayne Rooney ex-prostitute set to be revealed

A well-known actor who won an injunction to hush up claims he slept with a prostitute used by Wayne Rooney is reportedly to be named in the US today.

The married father, whose reputation as a family man has boosted his career as a world-renowned star, allegedly paid escort Helen Wood £195 for sex.

The millionaire then paid a firm of high-powered lawyers tens of thousands of pounds to stop his fans finding out.

His lawyers obtained a draconian gagging order in 2011, but the cheating A-list celebrity will reportedly be outed today.

It means people around the world will know all about the sordid claims, but UK publications still cannot publish the details.

Miss Wood famously had a threesome with Manchester United and England star Rooney and her friend while the player’s wife Coleen was pregnant.

Today she compared the ‘barmy’ legal situation to that of the other married celebrity, who has spent £1million battling to stop the story of his threesome being published.

Miss Wood told The Sun: ‘I read about the other injunction involving a celeb threesome and an olive oil bath and have seen the name everywhere on the internet.

'It’s strange that the rest of the world knows who these stars are but newspapers in the UK can’t report it.’

The 29-year-old, who is no longer a prostitute and who won Celebrity Big Brother last year, said the man who paid her for sex has used his family to boost his own career.

She said: ‘He tries to come across with this persona as if he’s some fantastic family man. I don’t think a fantastic family man sleeps with escorts.’

Since he obtained the High Court injunction, the wealthy actor has ignored a deluge of rumours on social media and continued his career as if everything was normal.

He has attended glittering functions with other actors and given celebrity interviews about his life and work.



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