Nigerian leaders are Fantastically corrupt- Facts and Figures that prove David Cameron was right

The issue trending at this particular moment is a video which shows Britain's prime minister, David Cam

This particular statement left a sour taste in the mouths of Nigerians as they attacked the british PM over his undiplomatic statement.

But the question, Is this not true?

Are Nigerian Leaders not corrupt?

Of course, by Nigerian leaders, Cameron meant the larger part of the individuals who rule Nigerian (both past and present)

Let's go back memory lane and look at Corruption cases that have happened in Nigeria that got to the international scene ever since Cameron became Prime minister.

The number one case we would always mention is the Abacha loot.

Abacha loot: Gen Sen Abacha ruled as military head of state from 1993-1998 and till now the money reported to be laundered by Abacha is yet to be fully recovered as the loot was spread across various countries in the world.

The latest money recovered from the Abacha loot was over $380 million set to be returned to Nigeria .

Isn't that Fantastic?

The fuel subsidy or the $20b scam of the NNPC which the corporation failed to remit back to the federation account under the leadership of Allison-Madueke

Isn't that fantastic? $20billion missing, nobody was caught or punished.

Then the Dasuki's arms deal scam, $2.1billion meant for purchasing arms for Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram was shared among Nigerian top officials with Sambo Dasuki, who was the former National Security adviser being the ring leader of that scam

Isn't that fantastic? A man who was appointed to be responsible for the security of the nation, against Boko haram was actually the one undermining it despite the fact that Nigerian soldiers reckoned as one of the best as regards land battle were sustaining casualties as they could not handle the sophisticated firepower of the insurgent.

Then, The issue of James ibori who is currently serving his jail term in a british prison due to his money laundering past while he was Governor of Delta state.

His crimes were detected in a Scotland Yard investigation that led to him being jailed in April 2012 for 13 years for fraud and money laundering

Also, In 2015 ,A private jet that conveyed $9.3 million cash from Nigeria to South Africa for an alleged arms deal between the two countries, had Nigerian crew members, and passengers from Israel and Austria. Although the government confirmed it's involvement but no information was released on what happened to the money or the arms.

According to reports, the money was seized by the South African government.

Then the latest, which is Saraki, the man in the eye of the storm who is accused of various charges like money laundering, falsifying financial records etc

This man (Saraki) in order to escape the law is fighting tooth and nail to stop the law from getting the better of him.

Saraki has made use of various methods to stop his CCT trial but all to no avail.

The most consistent measure is the truck load of lawyers he brings to court every single trial.

Saraki has not brought nothing less than 50 lawyers to court per trial.

Is it a murder case? Isn't the case of Saraki fantastic.

These and many other cases correctly confirms what David Cameron has said.

Nigerian leaders are "fantastically corrupt" I.e they are corrupt in the most unbelievable way"

Of all the cases mentioned above, which of them contains facts & figures that are not "mind-bogling


So Cameron was right, but did he have the right to say it?

Yes and know.

Yes because the level of corruption in Nigeria is unfathomable to the outside world

The question the international community,asks when they hear such corruption news is "How can Nigerians suffer this much and their Leaders enjoy this much? Because of the leaders after stealing the nation's money , put or spend it overseas most times

It is indeed unbelievable.

No, Cameron was wrong in saying this because his name was included in the Panama leaks which obviously contained names of individual and companies who evaded tax through offshore companies which also is a very corrupt act.

So they all belong to the same corrupt class.

This will serve as reminder to Nigerian leaders that the international community is watching and a need for Nigerians to challenge the continued acceptance and installation of corrupt and shrewd individuals as leaders through elections in their country.


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