The story of Anike by Tonia

I was born bright and brilliant and my parents were proud of me, in fact I was adored by entire family.

Also I was among the lucky ones who wrote the senior certificate exams and passed, then gained admission into higher institution the same year but my story started to change after I gained admission into school.

In school, I met and had a very sociable roommate who convinced me to be introduced  to the “socialite life” which involved frequent visits to parties and nightclubs, but all these frivolities never affected my studies because I was studious by nature and always took my classes seriously.

After a while and during one of our many outings, I met a guy who was very popular in school, and I got fond of this guy and after a short while we started dating.

I  realised i had fallen head over heels with this guy, and it was so apparent that I even took up the responsibility of taking care of him when he was broke.

Shortly after, I got pregnant. Then the truth dawned on me that I had made the first big mistake in my life when Banjo changed all of a sudden, denying the pregnancy.

So, I accepted my faith and despite all I tried, all my efforts to get rid of it proved abortive but fortunately for me , my family and friends expressed much love and support towards me and this kept me going.

Meanwhile, I gave birth to a baby boy, my parents adopted him so I could continue my schooling and went on to successfully conclude my first year in school to go for industrial training and at this time I also heard the news that the father of my baby had travelled out of the country and I hoped that he had changed for better.

Not long after my first year, I met an old senior in secondary school whose name was Ben and we had a mutual desire to "hangout “.

We gave it a shot for a while till he decided he wanted me for real. Truth be told, I liked this guy but I never took him serious because I knew the kind of guy he was back in school plus i heard a lot of news about his relationship with women.

So, I continued to see him as a normal boyfriend but never took him as someone serious but the moment I found out he was seeing other girls especially when I found out he was sleeping with my friend I felt hurt .

I should not care, I thought to myself but realized that I had developed feeling for this guy, so ,I decided to stop and focus on creating a new life with him but he never gave up the Casanova act.

However, the good thing about him was that he was very understanding but later I met another man who was much older and was willing to settle for a serious relationship but I declined his offer but this man insisted on helping with my needs and financial assistance but my boyfriend believed we were dating.

Meanwhile, my friends tried to convince me that my boyfriend was not worth it because he never showed enough affection .

I reconsidered and thought it through and realized to an extent that my friends were right, he hasn't for once showed up at my school to check up on me and each time I invite him,he gives an excuse.

I can remember when I celebrated my birthday, my boyfriend never showed, my friends reminded me of what they told me and this contributed to me distancing myself from the relationship.

Infact the relationship was boring, except sex was never an issue.

Do i drop my relationship with bf and consider the elderly man?


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