What is the Truth by Ismail

Listening to radio is not really a favorite hobby but as at today when I listened to one Lagos station , I got stuck ... Due to the drama that happened on air.

Let me start with this quote;

"It is what you are feeling, that you have the strength to say"

A man named "Mr Irabor" from Edo was reported to have called this particular Lagos- based station owned by Bola Tinubu who was a former governor of Lagos state and who is the political god-father of many politicians including the governor of Lagos state.

So the message Mr irabor was trying to pass across was at the time an emergency.

The man who said he graduated from Lagos state University said he brought his first son, David Irabor to the Ikorodu General hospital around 12 am in the  Sunday morning and the doctor did not attend to the kid until 3am, whereas the temperature of the kid who is said to be only 9months was said to be high at the time. According to him, it was his wife who he said was a certified nurse who was using her napkin soaked in water to suppress the temperature.

Also he added that, a baby died in that same ward(which was a children ward) as at the time he made the call.

He even threatened to burn the hospital if something was not done quickly.

This was Mr Irabor's narration on Sunday as at the time of the incident.

His voice was filled with urgency, pain and fear of a father who was about to lose his kid(

Then along the line, Mr Irabor said he didn't make the call and that he was attended to satisfactorily.

The story had changed, so the station called Mr Irabo back and played him the recording of his plea on sunday stating to him, the gravity of what he did could mean.

So Mr Irabor confirmed it was his voice and apologized to the Lagos state government, the ministry of health, the hospital involved.

However, the station also called a certain individual who was the Lagos State Health service delivery director, who said after hearing the issue , he rushed to the hospital at 3:05 am and discovered that the boy was brought to the hospital at 1:05 after checking his hospital card. And according to this director his mother was breast-feeding the kid when he got there. Unlike the narration of Mr irabor on sunday, the director said at 2:50am , Mr irabor was given certain samples to take to the lab, and the boy had been treated before he got there and he challenged him over the call but Mr Irabor didn't give a satisfactory answer.

As at the time the radio station made the call, Mr Irabor was with the service director and Mr Irabor was asked again , what made him make such call and he answered; He was just driven by fear of losing his kid and he was not at the hospital when the kid was taken there, and due to the fact that his wife told him the doctor failed to attend to them , that was why he reacted.

However, he confirmed that a kid indeed died in the ward.

Please people does the narration make sense to you?

Does it not look like Mr Irabor has been bought?

Why did he  threaten to burn the hospital if indeed was being attended to and he was truly not there?

Who is lying?

What is the Truth?


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