9 Things that make make Nigerians frustrated

This is not a Photoshop, This is indeed the real thing.

This man is truly on an electricity pole and is not electrocuted due to the fact that there was no light at the time of his accent.

Already we have seen the video of the man who had got  frustarted to the point that he  wanted everybody in Nigeria to die  simply because of the fact he had waited two whole days without getting petrol to run his business.

This is another case and trust me there are several frustrated people in the country called Niigeria.

According to the picture which was posted on instagram, this man said if people were able to get him to come down, he was going to find another way to commit suicide.

This is height of frustration and this man in my opinion didn’t want to go the silent way i.e taking poison or any other way to draw attention.

On the contrary, this man wanted to draw attention to the level of frustration in the country although he might be scared of dying but climbing an electric pole might make you question if the man does not truly have a dying wish.

This man represents the state of mind of many people, who do not have the mind to go that length to display their grievances with the situation of things.

Frustration and depression are two conditions which are currently on the rise in Nigeria, tell me how it wouldn’t?

When a man who turns on his radio every morning hears that one government official, after leaving office has been collecting salaries and pensions even after leaving office.

When he hears that female government official, collects to #60m as salary,  yet he is has not seen a #1million in his entire life.

when he watches kids in the area venture into Yahoo( internet scamming)  kids he watched grow-up who tend to show off their ill gotten wealth.

When he goes to the market and the basic things which normally, he could afford are no longer within his capacity.

When after he has hawked for 18 hours out of 24 hours, and the rain starts and he has nowhere to call home as he has been sent out because he couldn’t afford his house rent.

When a worker who works for the  government is till being owed 6 months’ salary?

When things are so expensive, even the sachet water (pure water), although the exchange rate does not affect it.

By refusing to employ a youth who is in dire need of unemployment(after waiting 5 years since NYSC) just because your cousin or your family relative had already told you before-hand.

By hearing or seeing on the daily news, the amount of people that die everyday in the country as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency or the new one which is the "fulani herdsmen" controversy.

What more could make a man depressed or even go mad?

The Nigerian situation is a frustrating one, and the condition permeates every single sector.

Hopefully with the signing of the budget, things are going to get better but if it doesn’t and it happens that the ones Nigeria struggled for his mandate deceived them or is unable to carry out his promise.

The outcome will be disastrous and will one which history books would always refer to.

However, I implore Nigerians  to maintain that tough spirit which they are known for and even when they are frustrated by the poor electricity, the high cost of things, the high level of corruption, the state of unemployment.

I know there is no amount of motivation any inspirational speaker can say to douse the frustration that is in the Nigerian spirit  but we are pleading with the Nigerian government and the state government , local government, head of industries and ministries, please do not heighten our frustration .

Drop your recommendation on how to help Nigerians manage frustration or even add your own frustration


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