The Yahoo Yahoo boys by T.I.A

Just wear that "Gold chain" use that "Gold ring", and drive that fine car, and when people see that the sole owner of the things stated above is a young boy not younger than 20 or in his late 20s.

In this part of the world, especially Lagos. People think you are bound to be an "internet fraudster", also known as Yahoo Yahoo.

The menance of  "Yahoo Yahoo" is now rife, every Kid/Youth who believes in the motto of "getting rich quick" just jumps into it so long he has a laptop.

The characteristics of a Yahoo Yahoo person has not changed over the years.

*when he walks, he bounces

*when he spends, it is quite excessive.

*when he buys, flaunting is a must

*A car is almost a necessity.

According to some, these kids were pushed to these things as a result of the state of things in the nation. For instance, a graduate who graduated at the age of 22 who is yet to find a job at age 27, although he has a good degree but yet the job he finds always offer him enough to throw his certificate into the gutter. So, when his friends who are quite younger than him, who are in the business of Yahoo Yahoo approach him with their cars, their bling, their super phones and show of their money, How do you think he would feel? Surely there is bound to be a spirit that will urge him onward to move along the same line with his friends with or without any persuasion from friends. While some give the reason that, since the white came to Africa to exploit Africans during colonial times, they are simply "taking back what is theirs", a set of "Robin Hoods" but sadly these bunch don't have any honor. Imagine a kid of 20 going to a club like Quilox for instance, and buying the bar just to let people know he just duped somebody. That is the order of the day in our society, money has lost his honour but whose fault is this menance? The whites, the previous governments, the current government, the Nigerian system, the "globalization process" Whose fault is it? While you drop a reply, In my opinion, the job some of these youths have ventured into is bound to have consequences and in fact these "yahoo yahoo" boys know this, but they would say "damn the consequences" Also, a Yahoo boy thinks his money gives him respect but that respect is simply "eye and lip service" by people around you, who cannot wait to see that money you have flaunting around finished. Some of them will say, "people are bound to talk" For every reason, you use in tackling a yahoo boy, he has a reason for it which unfortunately is quite "sensible" but when our younger ones are being corrupted or being introduced to this trade, is where I have the problem.   Why should a kid of 18 or 19, learn to dupe somebody? You are ruining his life and sooner or later, these Yahoo boys know one day that the money which they illegally acquired will one day finish , so they either invest in building high class clubs, while some make use of Voodoo to keep the money flowing and according to what I heard , that type of Yahoo is called "Yahoo plus"   This menace does not speak well for Nigeria, and arresting them and releasing them just a few minutes later which is what happens most times is not the solution to this problem. Recommendation. A Yahoo boy is naturally a creative person, a dull person cannot do the job even if he makes use of Voodoo. A Yahoo boy does research work a lot and funny enough , they are quite hard working. A yahoo boy can seat at his Laptop for days, just to get that client. So, what do we do with these qualities? In Nigeria, at one time, the issue of cultism was the order of the day and it permeated everywhere. So during this time, the V.C of a school during his appointment and inaugural lecture called on all the cultists to drop their weapons and they would be pardoned. Am not saying pardon is the solution for Yahoo, am saying the government should make use of the carrot-stick method in getting these kids . There should be a reform center and skill enhancing center for their creative minds and by this am not saying the government should teach them "tailoring or carpentry or any kind of artisan work" You could reform these kids by absorbing them into the country's secret service program or create an intelligence institute for them. Get the computers, teach them to be ethical hackers, create a league of "internet vigilantes" for the country, and so their brains will be put to good use instead of sending them to prisons for some years, after which they will go back to it and this time, they will upgrade the Voodoo or Juju level in order to prevent the re occurence of being caught.Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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