3 wrong popular views by people about Islam By T.I.A

It is no hidden fact that there are stereotypes about the Muslim religion, Islam, which although are based on conjectures are held dear by people of other faiths.

So this article is for those that find it hard to read the Holy books or better still if you Atheist.

So in this article i would like to state 10  popular views  that people get wrong about Islam.

Islam is  a Violent religion:

Many  people over the years have looked at the Islamic faith through tinted glasses i.e they have look and created a description about Islam through the activities of extremist sects like ISIS, Boko Haram, and other groups that are causing havoc all in the name of a fabricated ideology they  put under the Islamic religion.

There is a saying according to the Prophet Muhammad which says that "Beware! Do not renegate disbelievers after me by striking the necks( cutting the throats of one another) i.e killing.

A Muslim should not kill, It is not even permissible.

Islam is a religion of peace. So you really should stop looking at those people who have beards and wear capes as terrorist. It is really unfair  when you use a group of people to generalize a whole ideology , religion or a people.

Islam is a religion of Force

 There are many verses in the Holy Book of the Muslims which reiterated the statement that people should not be forced to join the religion and my favorite part is the one that says

" To you your way, to me my way" simple! No trouble , No fight!

There is no part of the book that says force people to join your religion(ISLAM), so if you meet a person trying to  talk you forcefully about the religion, Just read the above chapter for them. If they don't understand, then walk away. He /She is sure to reflect on your statement.

Islam is not easy

 Also another popular view by many and even some who call themselves muslim is that the idea of praying 5 times daily is a great inconvenience. This is also wrong. To be frank, each of the prayer is not supposed to take less than 5 minutes depending on the  leader or yourself( I.e if you are praying alone).

So 5 multiplied by 5 equals 25! 25 minutes of your time is too small a time to consider it hardship to pray.

Some have issues with the washing of the body before the prayer( ablution or wudhu), that is stress alone for some, this i tell you that this particular act  can be likened to taking a bath except you don't watch the private parts during this form of ablution.

And it is the most refreshing part of praying.

Take for instance, after laboring all day, and you get home and take a bath, you know how it feels on the body. it is simply refreshing.

However, doing ablution is more refreshing because you get to take your bath  5 times in a day. Morning, afternoon and at Night.

You are sure to look Fresh! So what's hard in looking fresh?


Thank You!


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