#Brexit 4 Things that are likely to happen after Britain leaves the EU by Ismail

Finally, the votes have been counted and Britain has decided it's leaving the EU. I don't even know whether to say it was the Britons who decided, because the fact of a people imposing hardship on themselves is beyond me.

Currently, the Pounds sterling is on the decline, the first in 31 years. This Brexit has all the airs of a wrong move in my opinion.

However, the votes have been cast and Britain is out of the EU and here are 4  basic things that are likely to happen happen after this vote

1, No more Schengen visa and free Football Transfer ( the visa that allows for EU citizen to move from one country to another freely), now you get to pay and there will be restriction. Even your favourite players cannot move be transferred easily  as they have to get a new Britain passport.

Britain no longer a superpower: The EU is a superpower in it's own right, 28 countries strong( Now 27) and financially buoyant. The EU could intervene in international issues as a global power, Britain can't because it's status as a world power started to dwindle since the  Cold war days but thanks to the formation of an organization like the EU, Britain was still able to hold it's head high as a superpower.

Domino Effect and Europe's Unity

Also this move could lead to the disintegration of Europe might  have a Domino effect, with London being one of EU 's biggest and powerful members, other small countries who are aligned to it or who are allies to Britain might decide to leave. If Europe disintegrates, proxy bodies would be created all over, which could lead to a new world order and this time , Russia won't miss to take their share of the  large  cake that is "World power" and further "Cement " their place as a World power.

and if Europe disintegrates;

World Peace  might be at Stake: With the U.N remaining the only influential superpower multinational organisation, issues of terrorism, extremism, migration crisis that has ravaged our world might be hard to handle by just one body  and as a result we could have another World War situation.

Fun Fact: Brexit referendum is a vote on whether Britain should leave the European Union or not, and majority of Britons voted leave.

These are my thought, what are yours?


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