#ENGRUS What Tweeps are saying on Twitter + Questions

After the violence that broke out immediately after the England  Versus Russia match which ended in a draw due to a late goal in the 92th minute.

The Twittersphere was also not left out of the drama as England and Russian fans came at each other over who was to blame for the incident.

Let's start with this tweets that focused on blaming both parties( England and France) involved in the riot


And here  are more tweets with a little recommendation , and blame- sharing

Russia9 Russia8 Russia7


Lol! If you still remember the Hashtag #PrayForParis, you will certainly know where this tweeps are coming from;


Russia Different

And finally, the last tweet.

Russia Lol

In my opinion, i don't think a die hard fan would stop , but looking at the whole issue this type of issues tend to come up, due to the fact that Football is a very passionate game with a motto of peace.

I think there is a political underlining, *Just saying* because why would Russian fans attack England after getting what i would call " a fine result" but unlike England who got a "bad one" and besides it is not even finals yet, what could have stirred such resentment?

And finally, UEFA slacked a little in their duties by allowing this to happen, How did fire bombs get in to the hands of fans who gained access into the stadium?

However, here are the final results from the Group A and Group B games today;

Euro 2016


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