Father of only American involved in Paris massacre suing Twitter

The father of the only American to be killed in the Paris massacre are suing Twitter, Facebook and Google, claiming they allowed terrorism to spread.

Reynaldo Gonzalez has decided to sue the internet giants following the death of his daughter Nohemi on November 13.

The 23-year-old was shot dead as she dined with friends in La Belle Equipe, one of 19 people who lost their lives in the Parisian restaurant when two ISIS gunmen opened fire.

According to TMZ, Mr Gonzalez is now suing Google, which owns YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for an undisclosed sum, claiming they were negligent in allowing ISIS propaganda to be spread through their channels.

The documents allege they were negligent in allowing the beheading videos be posted, and did little even after governments highlighted the problem.

The suit goes as a far as to claim the sites profited from adverts on the pages containing ISIS material.

The nine Paris attackers had pledged allegiance to ISIS, and killed 130 people during more than three hours of terror across the city.

Ms Gonzalez was a senior majoring in industrial design and one of 17 California State University, Long Beach, students attending the Strate College of Design in Paris as part of a study abroad program when she was killed.

Last month, her parents accepted her bachelor's degree. The industrial design major also received the Outstanding Graduate Award. The school's design department is raising money to renovate a workshop, to be named in her honor.Facebooktwitter

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