The Big 5 : All about Brexit, Militants threaten Nigeria and more

Hello Guys, it is  a mad world i tell you and today is bursting with all sorts of " Super Headlines" , From all talks about "Brexit"  Cameron " resigning. it's pretty much all about the Brits today. However let's get to the Big 5!

Cameron Resigns

David Cameron has resigned as prime minister after the British public rejected his personal entreaties and voted to leave the European Union.

“The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered,” the prime minister said, his voice breaking with emotion, and his wife, Samantha, standing beside him in Downing Street on Friday morning.

Cameron promised to remain in post until the autumn, to “steady the ship”, but said: “I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain who steers the country to its next destination.”

He said he had already spoken to the Queen to make his plans clear; but would not yet trigger article 50, the clause in the Lisbon treaty that kicks off the two-year process of withdrawal from the EU

His dramatic announcement came after a sharp fall in the pound and as £128bn was wiped off the FTSE 100.

Cameron said: “I am honoured to have been prime minister of this country for six years.”

Earlier on Friday, Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, became the first party leader to call for Cameron to go, saying Britain needed a “Brexit prime minister”.

Militants threaten to attack major cities in Nigeria

File photo of militants

A new militant group known as Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta (ADFND) has emerged, in South-South with some disturbing threats. According to the new militant group, it will cripple the oil industry across the nine Niger Delta states unless the federal government grants them, “Niger Delta Republic in the next couple of days,” Vanguard reports.

The group in a statement by its leader, Commander Olomubini Kakarakokoro, a.k.a No Mercy, said: “Except our demand for Niger Delta Republic is granted, without further notice to the federal government, we shall proceed to bomb Bonga field flow station, Asaba- Onistha Bridge, Third Mainland Bridge and other major bridges in the Southern part of the country, just for a start. More on Naij

Scottish leaders call for Scotland Independence

Former Scottish SNP leader Alex Salmond says Scotland’s position in the EU has been “fundamentally jeopardised” and they should have another independence referendum “within the context of “two and a half years”.

It “would make no sense to go out [of the EU] and back in” he said. Salmond said people who were sceptical about independence before the Scottish referendum vote would “switch” if they were threatened with pulling out of the EU market.

Laurent Blanc leaves PSG

Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc will leave Paris Saint-Germain by the end of the week, despite signing a two-year contract extension in February.

The former French World Cup winner is going through the final discussions over his departure from the Parc des Princes, his agent Jean Pierre Bernes confirmed on Monday.

'Before the end of the week, PSG and Laurent Blanc will be separated,' Bernes told French radio station Europe 1. 'We're in discussions with PSG directors and it's being done in an excellent atmosphere from both sides.'

And oh! what a surprise,guess who joined the  Brexit party

Sinead O'Connor says " Ireland are free " of Britain after Brexit vote

Sinead O’Connor has slammed "false and malicious" claims that she had threatened to kill herself after US reports. A member of the singer’s family reportedly told police that she was suicidal and planned to jump off a bridge in the Chicago area.   However, the star has how hit out in a strongly worded Facebook statement in which she also claims Ireland are free from Britain following the results of the EU referendum . She added: "Oh and by the way it's bulls*** I jumped off a bridge." The Chicago police department received a phone call from Irish authorities who informed them of the call. According to scanner audio, obtained by TMZ , there’s not an active search going on but police have been told to be on the lookout for the singer. It comes after she went missing last month after failing to return from a bike ride . She was later found safe and well at a local hotel. Hours later, the mother-of-four took to Facebook to claim she'd been "abandoned".  Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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