Must See: 10 Touching pictures from Dallas + A Note by T.I.A

Seriously, the Dallas shooting is a very touchy issue but I must tell you as a matter of fact that , Blacks needs to act, and by acting , nobody means violence.

There are various ways by which you can act;

  1. You can organise peaceful protest and don't stop there
  2. Go on to be part of the political process,
  3. Influence how you are governed and ruled by either nominating a candidate of your own with a good reputation or by voting any of the candidates that are currently up for election.
  4. Violence is not the key, with violence , everybody loses , Nobody really wins.

So that's my message and here are 10 pictures  and tweets from Dallas that will twist your heart and can almost make you cry or laugh. Enjoy!

Protesters surround a baby's stroller during the Dallas shooting!
This dude just spoke everybody's mind    Dallas6   Dallas7 Dallas9 Dallas10 Dallas5 Dallas4 Dallas3 Dallas2 Yeah! some people are just blood-thirsty  on social media while they are just cowards in real life Dallas51  Facebooktwitter

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