After Ramadan, What Next?

In a few hours, the majority of Muslims will be bidding farewell to the month of Ramadan and usher  in the new month Of Shawwal.

While for some, it is sad that the spiritual month is ending while some experience mixed feelings and there are some who are just elated to return to their old ways.

However, I would like to say this to all the Muslims getting ready to farewell to one of the most spiritual month in Islam.

And I have only this to say " Stay in the mosques"

Prior to Ramadan,  Muslim faithful partake in activities that they would relegate to the background or in fact stay clear of during the month of Ramadan and the question is will they return back to these activities?

Yes! Many would! and you know that it would be a big lie if I stated the contrary, even  I writing this article but we need to make an effort and not be like  the Dog who always returns to its vomit after spitting it out.

So my recommendation  after Ramadan is " Stay in the mosque.

Yeah, the reason why I said this is this, many people really performed a lot of Ibadah during Ramadan, for instance in a country like Nigeria, The mosques are always filled during this Holy month but after the month ends, there is  a drastic decline. why?

Also, In Nigeria, all avenues of bad vices rarely make sales during Ramadan, but after the Holy month ends , the sales figure increase, in fact on the day of Eid-l-Fitr( especially Alcohol sellers), why is this?

However, let me explain what i meant by staying in the mosque and my reasons.

By staying in the mosque, I don't mean you should drop your job or stop your means of livelihood, what am simply saying is, you should be frequent in the mosque just like you did during Ramadan.

My reason is this, during the month of Ramadan , most Muslims feel they are closer to God at this period and the answering of prayers is rather quicker during this month, so that's why they make extra effort.

However, after Ramadan does not mean, you can no longer feel closer to God, and your prayers won't be answered ( or reap many blessings) but by being in the mosque( Praying your 5 daily salat, and listening to sermons by religious lecturers,  and doing all sort of good things ,you won't even feel like Ramadan left) because by frequenting the mosque, you become closer to your God which is the ultimate reason people make extra effort during this month in order to gain Allah's favour.

Don't forget that;

Ramadan is not the only spiritual month in the Islamic calendar, Neither will God stop exiting after Ramadan, so what's your excuse to return to these ways after this month? I know it is not easy to curb these ways but all it takes is an effort from you. Change is a gradual process. Don't Come out of this month  a Holy soul  and turn to negativity later.

.May the Almighty crown your effort.


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