Eat, Drink and Tolerate ; A short message on Eid Mubarak

Thank God, we have finally witnessed the End of the Ramadan and today it is celebration time Related image

After fasting for 30 days! yeah  over 4 weeks of spiritual and unbelievable restraint from vain desires, it is indeed worth celebrating .

So my message to you this EidFitr is

Eat, Drink and  Tolerate

So eat what your stomach can accept Related image, Drink what is beneficial to you  and celebrate with your family, friends, neighbours( Christain, and every other religious denomination).

However, don't allow your celebration disturb others or make others uncomfortable by celebrating.

Also,  Let's celebrate, and be hopeful. Let's be tolerant of one another( Christain, Atheist etc). Our intolerance is what has allowed hate goups like ISIS, and it's brother/.sister group to emerge and disturb our peace.

So tolerate one another regardless of religion, colour or race.

On a final note,  Do to others , what  you  would like to be done to you i.e Love your neighbour as yourself because that is what your religion( Islam ) teaches .

Happy Eid-l-Fitr

Peace be Unto You, and  the  Mercy and  Blessings of Allah be on us all!


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