#FreeDeray : America divided by T.I.A


When I first saw the trend #FreeDeray , my twit-trend senses told me someone had been arrested at the protest which took place in Baton Rouge , the city where Alton Sterling was killed.

First, before i go further, there is nobody except if you are racist, who has got blood running through their veins who would watch this Video and not feel they just watched a murder  crime committed. That is a fact.

The video alone was enough to spark reactions! but......then Dallas happened, 5 officers who had nothing to do with Alton Sterling or Philando Castle death were killed helplessly by a suspect who police named as Micah Xavier Johnson.

This was the height! This act was terribly wrong and it was  the wrong reply to the current situation of things.

As you can see, there are two different reactions by two different classes of people

The first being the majority of Blacks angered by the senseless killing of Alton sterling and Philando Castle while the majority of whites were angered by the senseless killing of 5 police officials , although the majority of right thinking blacks expressed their disapproval of the act.

The country following all these events is tensed up, anything could happen and lead to a mini war.

Now, there is a new story circulating all round of how a Black Lives Matter protester was arrested "unlawfully" according to some. This has divided social media, while majority blacks want the man known as " Deray McKesson" released, some whites do not !


Some whites do not want the man released due to the tragic incident that happened in Dallas, some white folks believe that someone needs to pay for the killing of the police officers.

Like they are saying "someone has to die to replace the 5 white officers"

In fact on the day, the incident happened, a former congressman, Joe Walsh tweeted  thisDallas

So you see, the country is tense, and every action will surely have reactions and reactions! The country citizens are divided and everybody wants to somebody to pay for each side's loss

This is where the problem lies. It shouldn't be so.

In a country that is multi-racial like the United states, issues of segregation involving this scale of violence should not take longer to put under control, it could lead to anything.

By anything, it does not necessarily mean violence or war, people could make the wrong decisions which would be major and one I would like to state is the "Voting decision".

Some whites who are republicans but are sceptical about Donald trump's rant and speeches might now tilt towards believing "Trump was right" and as a result vote for him during the presidential election.

They won't vote him based on his qualities but rather on sentiments he has evoked and if the majority of whites in America vote Trump in November.

The rest is history!


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