#FamousVideo : Taylor Swift’s mistake in controversial video released by Kim Kardashian by T.I.A

When i saw the video of Taylor Swift endorsing the  Kanye West "Famous " and hearing her say "it's nice". It's bad for Taylor .

Why? because she is not denying that her voice was the one on the phone, she did not deny that she was called.

However Taylor also posted this;

Which tends to put a twist in the whole story, Where is the part which said she accented to being called "bitch" in his song? Infact , there is none, but endorsing the controversial line about Kanye shagging Taylor Swift is almost the same as defamatory as being called a "Bitch", but one thing is clear , Taylor Swift made a mistake and she is  finding a hard time  recoiling  from the impact as her reply although sensible will be regarded as weak.

Taylor's mistake was when she failed to admit that it was out of respect and means to build a friendlier relationship with Kanye which clouded her judgement to consent to such a "defamatory line"( although Kanye in the video put the words in the most mannered way). She should have  emphasized more on this point rather than trying to defend what was obvious( She respects Kanye)

Taylor Swift's mistake was that her "respect for Kanye" was played upon. She was set-up and you couldn't blame her, Kanye West called her like an old friend after their rocky history, Taylor like the good country girl wanted to make-up, but when you have a family like the Kardashians in the mix, things cannot go as smooth.

She could have played the victim once again, but the Forces against Taylor Swift currently are just too much for a Taylor Swift to handle and nobody ( she should have known) would want to listen to her reply ( defending) her action after coming out in public to declare she was not informed of the derogatory line at the onset.

The video in question in my opinion was not meant for the purpose for which it was used by Kim Kardashian, it was meant to be a surprise and reconciliation piece later to be released.

Also Kanye west in my opinion got over -excited by Taylor's approval and tried to be "too creative and controversial " on the famous track, but well-mannered country girl was not having it because she didn't agree to "her approval being taking too far to the extent of being called " Bitch"

So the friendly relationship crashed, then Calvin Harris happened, Then Kim Kardashian took advantage, and here we are, #KimExposedTaylorParty

Watch the Video :


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