Who Built The Rail; The Abuja-Kaduna railway Question?{As e dey hot by Ismail}

In today's edition of "As e dey Hot" , the topic that is really fresh in Nigeria discourse circles, is the question on "Who built the Abuja- Kaduna" railway. Do you know, leave a comment a below .

However, below is a brief on the story that is currently   dividing Nigerians  Tweets by Nigerians on the Issue.

Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday, commissioned  the 185km Abuja- Kaduna standard gauge rail project

  • “The 185 km Abuja-Kaduna standard gauge rail line is one of the first standard gauge rail lines in Nigeria and was constructed by China Civil Engineering & Construction Company (CCECC).
  • “The project features cargo and passenger trains. 4000 people were employed during construction & at inception, the project was projected to employ 5000 people for its operations.
  • “Passenger trains on the line can operate for speeds of up to 200kms per hour while cargo trains can travel at speeds up to 150kms per hour. “Travel time between the two cities will be 1hr & 1hr30mins for passenger and cargo trains respectively.
  • “The rail line has nine stations and costs $874million. Of this figure, $500million was provided by the China Exim Bank as a concessionary loan while the Jonathan administration paid $374million as counterpart funding.
  • “The rail line included the construction of 30 railway bridges, including five box bridges.
  • Construction on the rail line commenced in February 2011 and ended in December 2014.

Although, president Buhari has not  taken credit or gave credit to anybody, but the question ( the answer is obvious) , Who built the Railway?


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