Why Homosexuality is an Abnormality by T.I.A

Call this a Homophobic post if you like, it's your problem, not mine.

First, if you are reading this post and you have a religion that believes in a supreme being i.e  You are not an Atheist or Scientology follower.

Then , my address to you on the issue of Homosexuality is the Story of Sodom and Gomora.

So if you don't know the story, get a Holy book and read or better still , Google it!

For those that know the story, and are believers in the existence of a supreme being , then you know Homosexuality is Wrong! But if you know this story and you call yourself a believer in GOD and still support Homosexuality! Then you are a hypocrite! Because how can you claim to believe in something and go against it laws or please tell me, where in the Holy Books did you find a believing people who supported Homosexuality! Or which Prophet supported Homosexuality , Please point out!

That's done and now to the heart of the article.

This article is basically for the Atheist and the others.

Let make certain things clear, am not writing this to change your opinion( to each with his own) but am  just sharing my opinion. That's all. No bad Blood.

First on the issue of Homosexuality, let's look at the topic of Animal Comparison and Reason:

As  anAtheist or Scientologist , you believe in hard facts and empiricalism and not to forget a big fan of evolution!

Now , you guys believe in the conjecture that a Big Hot Ball burst open and formed the Universe! Where or Who created that Big Ball?

That aside, so going by your theory, the Big Bang created the earth and from there the process of Evolution began, man evolved , animals evolved. And nature came to Life.

So from the beginning of the evolutionary process, as there been any sign of " being" apart from Humans whereby same-sex copulate or need each other to reproduce?

Now let's move closer to the only beings on earth similar to Humans which are the animals.

Infact man is an animal but is regarded as a higher animal because of it's ability to reason.

Apart from reason, animals have instincts, feelings, and experience every other thing man does, but this animal unlike man are unable to differentiate Good from Bad, right from Wrong( except the tamed ones though) . There is no animal that is Homosexual! Why is Man? Is man indeed the higher animal?

Because how can Man with all the reason unable to justify what is wrong from Right?

Animals who are lower beings have not evolved that low to imbibe Homosexuality into their nature.

Why is this so? Because nothing in nature Supports such , although man countless times has tried to manipulate nature but as we have seen in many cases, Nature has always emerged the winner in most contest with Humans.

Be Gay all you like, You can never truly change your nature.

Besides, why are you tackling those who are against this absurdity!

Manny Pacquiao said Gays are less than animals"

The Boxer said his mind, and he got penalised for it. So much for freedom of expression! Gay is a common noun! Muslims is a common noun, and yet Donald Trump insults them, who penalised him?

So tell me what is the Justification for Homosexuality?

Is it because you feel the urge to act like the opposite sex? Or you enjoy being and acting like the opposite sex? Or are you one of those , who equate the feeling of love with the feeling you get when you feel the urge to be like the other sex? Or do you justify it based on the fact that it's your freedom, and you can misuse the way you want so long it does not infringe on the rights of others?

Seriously I don't know any other justification! That can make sense that could make Homosexuality right? Or are you one of those whose reply to the above is simply " I don't have to answer to you on whether it's right or not but it feels rights within me?

Hmm, Serial Killers have the urge to kill and love to Kill! Why is that wrong? Because they are infringing on other's people right to life but however if we look at the act itself . The urge a serial killer has is the same thing a homosexual has, the argument is the same, it feels right to them. In fact, they feel at ease and comfortable when they kill! They gain utmost pleasure. A cocaine addict enjoys cocaine, and in fact is not infringing on any body's right, they are simply using their freedom to do what they love because their being feels good with it, why then is cocaine addicts and sellers tagged as Bad? Urge/Need is the issue here, we all have urges , animals do too, when they have the urge to eat, they Kill and eat. It's their nature . Only man thinks it's bad because man has the reason which is able to communicate and help him control and manage his urge. A nymphomaniac has the urge to have sex all the time, a shopaholic , an Acholic drinks a lot, you take him to rehab because he can no longer manage the urge to drink? The same applies to a coke addict! These have been tagged bad because they can't control their urge , why are gays and Homosexuals not recommended to visit rehabs, due to their inability to control an alien urge in them? Maybe because by letting the urge take over them, they are not doing any wrong unlike a coke or alcohol addict who will ruin himself or affect those around him.

Yes, it might not affect gays currently but when you change nature by changing the parts nature has adorned on a man/ woman to a woman/ man , it will sooner or later fight back as the male system is different from the female system , so when you change a few part of a male to a woman's own, that does not mean you changed the real system. You have only re-modified the body Maybe when Humans start creating real Humans, then we can talk about justifying "Transgenderism"

Man cannot even create Semen artificially, and that is the most basic thing that evolves to create man! How do you think you were born? Somebody slept with someone to produce you, if your parents were gay , you will never dream of even seeing earth? Even if you hate children, and hate sex, try to get help rather than accepting an "abnormality" as "way of life"

So your urges need to be controlled not entertained.

The White, Black Question In this case, I will be looking at Africa against the Western World. As regards Homosexuality, the west has continued to pester African to embrace the Homosexuality trend but African has remained adamant calling the act an "abomination" Robert Mugabe called them dogs, In fact he also went further to tell the U.N assembly last year that he will only do it( homosexuality) if  Obama  chose to become his wife.

Lol! Of course , Obama won't , he is not gay!

Why didn't fore fathers of America legalise or imbibe Homosexuality into their constitution? They didn't because it was believed to be an abomination. The legalisation of homosexuality started during Obama's second term,why was the U.S reluctant? What took them so long to accept the abomination? So just a few years after accepting the abomination, you campaign to Africans to join the trend and if they don't you tag them as backward and uncivilised,

You treat Africans like they don't have a brain of their own Like they never existed until the White man started existing. The West has failed to understand that despite the claim of globalisation, African has it systems and cultures, why can't you respect that? Just because they are Blacks does not mean their Brain is?

So we have come to the end of my thoughts on the issue of Homosexuality. I didn't write this to "bad mouth" anyone. I didn't write this to convince you to change This article cannot force you to change. Call it Homophobic, it just means am human and contributing my quota in making nature be what it should be Man is meant to manipulate nature to benefit man and improve man and nature not restructure it to make it perish( by Homosexuality, reproduction stops)

There is no compulsion to change in this article, " To you way, To me mine"

If you see reason in this, visit a rehab centre , call a friend who is not homosexual and see how people will be willing to help in changing the situation.

Your nature is not gay /Homosexuality , it is an abnormality like Autism, and every other abnormality from birth.

Don't let your urge get the better of you. Mothers beat, pray and scold to curb this abnormality from birth. It something that can be controlled!


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