22 killed in bomb blast outside Somalia presidential palace

*New Update : Death toll according to Chinese news portal, China Xhinua News, is now at 22 while injured persons stand at 30!

At least 10 people, including soldiers and civilians, were killed in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Tuesday when a car bomb claimed by al Shabaab exploded outside the Presidential Palace and also damaged two nearby hotels, an official said.

The hotel is frequented by government officials and police said it believed the facility was the likely target.

The SYL and another hospitality facility, both located near the Presidential Palace, were partially destroyed by the blast, Major Mohamed Ali, a police officer, told Reuters.

"The blast killed 10 (people) including soldiers and civilians and 30 others were wounded," Ali said.

Gunfire could be heard after the blast and a huge cloud of smoke rose above the palace, outside which were the remnants of the car and splattered blood, according to a Reuters witness.

Al Shabaab's Radio Andaluz said the Islamist group was behind the attack

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