5 Reasons Why You Should Adventure With Your Baby

It's a tedious task to combine traveling and caring for your baby at the same time especially for adventurous mothers. Most of them prefer to give up their dream to explore for the welfare of their child. This is not helped by the fact that in Africa and Nigeria especially, it is the sole responsibility of the female folk to oversee the proper upbringing of kids. And oftentimes than not, they are blamed if the child turns out to be a societal menace. So, rather than face these societal backlashes, some decide to jettison their career and travel.

But, over the years and due to economic factors, more women are working and traveling even though they have babies. In line with this, Jumia Travel, Africa's No.1 hotel booking portal shares five reasons why you should adventure with your baby instead of giving up travelling entirely. It's noteworthy to add that traveling doesn't prevent you from taking good care of your children.

Traveling with a baby may be stressful but it’s cheap

Adventurous mothers who think that it is expensive to travel with a baby can now rest that perception. It is quite affordable to travel with kids. Besides, you may spend little or no extra cash at any restaurants, resorts or hotels you visit in Lagos or your preferred destination. On your part, ensure that you take adequate care of him.

Your child will be closer to you

While some mothers may allow a nanny to care for their babies, others will not. They favour travelling with him everywhere they go. This is because they want to be present in the upbringing of the baby and also travel.

Babies are easily entertained

You cannot stop a child from crying but the onus is on you to pet him to stop bawling his intestines. Some ways to stop him from crying are either by breastfeeding or by patronizing him with toys.

Kids don’t need so much gear

Kids don’t need shoes or sleeping bags. They can still do without these items. All they need are feeding bottles, change of clothes as well as the love and care of the mother.


Your baby will be your travel companion

Babies or toddlers may be the last travel companion anyone wants to travel with. They will always be restless. But the fact is that a mother cherishes every moment she spends with her child and some of them appreciate having him as a travel companion.


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