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On as "As e dey Hot" today, we bring to you , 2 stories that are still trending in Nigerian discourse circles

Zamfara Killings : No Christains were Killed

Zamfara State Governor Abdulaziz Yari on Tuesday debunked insinuations     that the killing of eight people in Talata Mafara, Zamfara  during the weekend  was as a result of a religious clash According to him, those killed were Muslims. He promised to ensure that the killers are brought to book. The  killings  was reported to have been sparked  when a student of Abdu Gusau Polytechnic and seven others were killed on Monday for alleged blasphemy against Islam. A mob set fire to the house of a man who tried to rescue the student.

The Governor of the state also shed  light on what exactly happened at the Presidential Villa after his meeting with President Buhari.

According to him,  the killing was as an act of the devil. He said: “From the intelligence I had from the security agencies, there was a fight between two students and I think one of them injured the other and started shouting that the other person abused Prophet Muhammad. “Other students came and beat up the other boy who is Yoruba from Kogi State. Some people are saying he was a Muslim and some say the boy was a Christian. They beat the student until he collapsed and thought he was dead. “Then security personnel requested help from one shop owner who then took the boy to the hospital in his car. When the students heard that the boy was still alive and in the hospital, they went to the hospital. But the boy was rescued by soldiers in the hospital. “Then the students went back to the polytechnic and burnt down the shop of the person who gave his car to rescue the boy. “They went back to town again and, as you know, the police in the division don’t have enough men to contain the riot and before reinforcement came, the crowd threw tyre in the man’s house and burnt down the house. “That was how everybody in the house was killed and all the people killed in the House were Muslims and not like the rumours going around in the social media that Christians are being killed in Zamfara. “In fact, the mob wanted to go and burn churches and attack non-Muslims but the security forces stopped them. It’s my home town and that’s where I live.”

The governor said no arrest had been made at the time he left the state for Abuja.

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FG needs to learn from Lagos

The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi, yesterday, urged the Federal Government to emulate Lagos State that had shown how the economy can develop without relying on a commodity to avoid the pitfalls of last administration. The Emir, who spoke during a lecture , said the All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration needs to free itself from voodoo economists at the corridor of power. He noted that his relief lies on Lagos that had demonstrated a positive role in the way forward for others to emulate. He said: “As it stands today, Lagos’ role on the economic future of Nigeria is critical than what people think of the Niger Delta region. “We are spending 30 to 40 percent of every Naira we earn servicing debt. “The new borrowings were simply recycled into much higher recurrent expenditure. The GDP was growing largely due to consumers items.” He said Federal Govern-ment can learn from Lagos policies formulation that boost business and attract investors, adding that the Lagos example can bail the country out of its economic woes. He described as unwholesome a situation where somebody pull through a connection and rake in billions of naira without commiserate effort. He said: “With my background in the banking sector, and now a royal father, I can sit in my garden and make billions through forex market without sweat.

Source: Vanguard

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