As e dey Hot : Boko Haram strikes again, What is the Truth?

Hello guys, As e dey hot is back and we've got this not so good news for you

Here is the report; 

Boko Haram Islamists have killed 10 people and abducted 13 others in a raid on a village near the northeast Nigerian town of Chibok where the militants kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls in 2014, locals told AFP Sunday.

Armed jihadists on motorcycles invaded Kubrrivu at dawn on Saturday, firing on the residents as they were sleeping and looting and burning homes before fleeing into the bush with 13 women and children seized from the village.

To be frank, this latest attack by the sect which has terrorized Nigeria for over 5 years and who until recently has had it's activities reduced to guerilla mission by the Nigerian government will open some  "disturbing " questions.


Here's why!

The Nigerian governemnt even the president has been reported to have announced that the sect had been defeated late last year and after this announcement , there were various attacks.

Also, the president also promised they were going to rescue the Chibok girls,  but that is yet to be accomplished and just Last week the sect released a video showing the girls demanding a prisoner exchange i.e the girls for their comrades captured.

Just earlier today, the Nigerian Airforce was reported to have released a statement stating that they had no "Intelligence on the whereabouts of the Chibok Girls"

Also, about 2 days ago, another media outfit reported that, the Nigerian governemt was getting ready to exchange the girls for the Boko Haram members.

Also it must be noted that some of the girls are said   to have  escaped while some are reported to have died. The interesting part is that the some of the girls that came back were either pregnant or married.

A more interesting happened when one of the girls , Amina Ali, who escaped said she wanted to go back "Home" and to her Boko Haram husband.

It been 2 years since the 276 girls were kidnapped and all sorts of intel and "cover stories" have been fed to Nigerians by their government and the media.

Nigerians by nature are passive when it comes to this kind of incident, but many may disagree with me by stating that "activist group" like BBOG( Bring Back Our Girls) are pressurising government to find the girls.

Do you really believe that , a group led by Oby Ezekwesili is pro-masses? Note this! Majority of those leading that movement have one or many links in the government( present or past)

So don't be fooled! Apparently some of the mothers or parents of these kids have either been continually fed lies about intel on their kids or have been paid to stay "Quiet' or worse case scenario " threatened"

The parents of these kids are helpless, because the media is full of lies and the government has not proven itself trustworthy because how can we trust the information from government when it's speaking from both sides of the mouth.

So, my theory is this, Some of the girls are with members of the sect, but have been brainwashed( 2 years is too long a time for the girls to remain normal), and have been made to believe that "their government is the enemy and that they were saved from evil apparently".

So, it's just a part-victory if the girls return, there is a "Big need " to manage the "Post- traumatic" state of these girls which is infact very hard, and if the girls are unable to forget  the 2 years they had with Boko Haram or manage it, then it might not be good news after all.


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