#POTUS2016 The Independent candidate question

Every single day the race to decide who will rule , the world most powerful nation inches closer and closer.

There have been various dramas, allegations, name calling, debates , arguements and controversial events that have happened leading to the final batttle in November .

As at Now, the major competitors are widely know, Clinton for the democrats, Donald Trump for the republicans.

Following the discussion of the election on and off social media, it seems America has only two options and in the word of some analysts, the two options aren't exactly the best alternative for the replacing Barack Obama.

While one has poorly performed in his ability to refrain from safe-guarding his tongue from damning, self- damaging rhetorics which some Americans love by the way, the other has an issue of "Espionage" on her neck.

Two Bad options, but they seem to be the only options being talked about by the masses  and that is the problem , which of the candidate is the lesser devil?

So far, none of the parties have been able to satisfactorily convince or outwit the other opponents in presenting themselves as the "Best option for America in 2016" but while this dilemma of who to vote for in 2016 continue to increase  tempo.

A poll conducted by the , New York Times

as  showed that  out of the 60 million Americans  who are likely to vote during the election in November, only 9% chose Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump during the primary polls.

So the question is , What options are there for America ? How do we solve the dilemma ?

Hence, we look at the Independent candidate question, with the state of uncertainty surrounding the two major candidate, can an Independent candidate cause an upset?

The answer to that is still undecided but in the history of the United states , a third party candidate rarely upset the results of a presidential polls , more or less, winning it.

This year, two popular independent running are Gov Gary Johnson of  the Libertarian Party  and Doctor Jill Stein of the Green Party.

The issue is, both candidates are not as popular as the two major candidates, the only  thing the two independent candidates have is the "air of  uncertainty" about the two major candidate which will go a long way in deciding who rules in 2016.

Would America go the independent candidate's way in 2016?


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