#JollofRiceDay Mysteries you need to know about Jollof Rice

Hey guys! It's World Jollof Rice day and we don't know for sure who coined out this hashtag but all we know is that it is trending and people are talking about it.

So we decided to talk on this food which is a legendary delicacy in West Africa especially Ghana and Nigeria .

"Jollof rice in my opinion (because have savoured and tasted varieties of the delicay) is a  rich dish which is reddish in colour , tastes peppery and has moderate amount of vegetable oil in it. It is cooked with tomato paste or tomato, onions, pepper,  and seasoning.and it tastes heavenly when cooked right( That is my definition )

Now let's look at the official definition, from Wikipedia( It is that popular  although trust me Nigerians and Ghanaians have unique definition for this popular dish but the internet encyclopedia defined "Jollof rice as a  one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries, eaten whenever desired. It is the progenitor of the Louisianian dish jambalaya.

So, what is it that has made this dish whose origin is still hotly debated between Nigerians and Ghanians, so popular?

I guess we would never know "Who owns the Jollof Rice" but that's not the issue here, the issue here is " What's the Mystery behind Jollof Rice"

What makes it so popular?

What makes it taste so renonwned?

Really, i can't point out exactly the mystery of why we love Jollof Rice but these two things are very much part of the Mystery


The smell of Jollof rice when it is being cooked can not be mistakened and it is mouth watering when it almost done and when it is done and cooked well, it tastes heavenly.

The smell of Jollof rice is a comfort to the nasal cavity and it is rumoured that "The aroma of a good Jollof rice can be smelt from a long distance depending on the quality of the ingredients put in  it"

One major ingredients used in enhancing Jollof Rice is the "Onions", if you don't have Onions in Jollof Rice, your Jollof rice is not complete!

Also, there are certain people known as the "professional Jollof Rice cookers", and these  people are known as the "Alase" ( Local caterers), they are mostly used when there is an "occassion or event". They are the "Party Jollof Rice Cookers".

Also, another legend about the Jollof rice is that Jollof rice cooked on fire wood smell and tastes much better than the one cook the modern way.


This is the major mystery of why many people love Jollof rice . There are two major types of Jollof rice; The Party Jollof and the Normal one.

The difference between the two is that the former contains more than enough ingredients to make it tasty and it's a takes a little hardwork.

It is very easy for you to discern if a Jollof Rice is good tasting or Not. There are some Jollof rice that are sometimes "semi-done" , in this case the rice will still taste a little bit strong but might still be  edible and tasty.

While there are some Jollof rice which are cooked well, but the ingredients used were not enough to bring out the "true nature of Jollof Rice" and one major feature of this type of Jollof Rice is that it looks "White " or "Dull red" or "Light Orange".

Jollof rice.jpg

One requirement that needs to be fufiled to rank your rice as "Jollof rice" is that it must be tasty and smell nice. We need to taste the moderate level of pepper and tomato, although some prefer the pepper a pinch higher than the tomato, but for a good Jollof rice, anybody that eats it must be able to taste the blend of tomato and pepper and onions which also helps to enhance the aroma.

The party Jollof Rice is this  Jollof Rice2

Do you have anything to addd to this write-up. Please do and Happy Jollof Rice day. Am hungry, go to 


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