Pistorius denies attempting suicide after wrist injuries

Jailed former athlete Oscar Pistorius has been treated for minor wrist injuries at a private hospital, but has denied that he attempted suicide.

Pistorius has returned to the South African jail where he is serving a six-year sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a prison official said Sunday.

Pistorius told officials that he had hurt himself after falling out of bed, and denied reports that his injuries were intentional.

The South African weekly City Press, citing another inmate at the prison, had said Pistorius was rushed to hospital after intentionally cutting his wrists.

When asked about the report, Nxumalo said: "We can't confirm that, it's only speculation."

The former track star was taken back to his Pretoria prison cell on Saturday, and an investigation is under way, the official said.

Last month, South African prosecutors said they would appeal Pistorius' six-year jail sentence, saying it was too lenient.

The double-amputee athlete, who was sentenced on July 6, could be released on parole after three years. The prescribed minimum sentence for murder in South Africa is 15 years, though a judge can reduce that penalty in some circumstances.

Let's Hear it from you! do you think Oscar Pistorius tried to commit suicide? Under the circumstances, could he have?

Source: Telegraph


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