Top 6 Useful Apps For Avid Readers

Technology is changing almost everything around us including our reading habits. In the past when there were no apps,  book lovers had to visit bookstores to buy books authored by their favorite writers. This is no longer the case because there are now very useful apps enhancing or influencing individual reading experiences. These Apps can be used and downloaded by everyone at any time of the day on android, blackberry, or Android phones. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking sums up 6 useful apps for book lovers.


Goodreads has metamorphosed into a sort of social network for books due to its popularity. It helps users of the app to find new books, get reviews from different readers of the same book and can also help you make book purchasing decisions. Goodreads has over 20 million users and it has the enviable title of being the world’s largest site for book recommendations.


Free Books

Free Books is for those who prefer classic books. That is books that were published decades ago which you don’t ordinarily find in bookshops. Books like 1984, Pride And Prejudice, The Odyssey and more are among the 23,469 books you can download for free on the Free Books App on Apple App store.


Social Reads

Social Reads is the Windows Phone version of the Goodreads. It was specifically developed for Windows Phone users. It has all Goodreads features including books download, organizing your book collections as well as read reviews from other users.


Wattpad gives you unlimited access to more than 75 million stories. Romance, historical fiction, and fan fiction are available for your reading pleasure. In addition, it is an app that allows readers and writers to interact. In fact, you can publish your stories notwithstanding if you are an established writer or not.



Kobo is available on all operating systems you can think of- windows phone, iOS, Mac, Blackberry, Android and Windows desktop. Although it’s not free, you still have access to sneak book previews, as well as download your preferred bestseller at an affordable price.



iBooks is unique because users can buy, automatically download books and read them with the app. You can download it on the Apple App store.

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