21 Best Easy as 1-2-3 DIY Baby Food Recipes

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than to become a mother. It enables you to appreciate the wonders life can bring, what you can do, and what you are most capable of just to give the best for your child. In addition, being a mother gives you the privilege of having the best gift you can ever receive, and that is your precious little one!

So, as a mother, you have to do your best to provide your baby with everything he needs, especially love; of course, there is no better manifestation of love than serving your little one great, delicious and healthy baby food.

With the wide array of baby foods available in groceries and supermarkets, you surely have a lot of options on what kind of food to give your baby. However, did you know that nothing beats the freshness, healthiness and best quality of homemade baby food?

We will share with you the benefits of giving your baby homemade baby food. These DIY baby food recipes will guarantee enjoyable mealtimes for your baby and you.

Why should you switch to DIY baby food?

You are in-charge of its Quality and Freshness.

Since you create baby food from scratch, you have full control as to the ingredients you use and as to its quality and freshness. Though fresh fruits and vegetables are always available in supermarkets, it is always best and wise to pick organic ones; remember, the small tummy of your little one is very sensitive to ‘harmful’ substances, thus, it’s always best to avoid that.

You can instill Good and Healthy Eating Habits to your baby starting at a young age

mother feeding baby food

Making delicious and healthy food for your baby is just a matter of adding and balancing the right portions of fruits and vegetables; you use vegetables for more health benefits, and you choose fruits for vitamins and minerals, as well as to add sweetness and delight to the food. Thus, you can instill good and healthy eating habits to your baby without completely shoving of the best taste it could have.

It Enables You to Get Creative.

There may be a lot of bottled baby food products available in supermarkets, but, nothing ever beats mom’s homemade delicious and healthy baby food! With the variety of fruits and vegetables you can purchase for the purpose of baby food making, it enables you to get creative with it. Thus, mix fruits with vegetables, and when it tastes great, you’re good to go.

It enables you to save money in the long run.

Since you make baby food by yourself, you are enabling yourself to save money in the long run as well. There may be some equipment and materials needed to be purchased for the baby food making, but it’s all worth it, because you can use it even for other purposes as well as for a long period of time.

Best Easy DIY BabyFood Recipes

1. Banana Avocado Puree

Avocado Banana Puree Via annabelkarmel.com

In order to give in to your little one’s sweet tooth, mixing 2 fruits would be the best ingredients for a baby food. Thus, why not try feeding your baby some banana avocado puree? Guaranteed, he’s going to be delighted by having it!

First, you are going to need a half portion of banana and a quarter portion of avocado. Then, all you have to do is to process it by using a blender or a rotary food mill. Then, put in your baby’s food bowl and serve

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