Amazing! Georgetown University atone for profiting from slave Trade

Trust me you just have to read this story especially if you live in GeorgeTown, or you are Black or racist. In fact all should read this.

Apparently, a University in George town decided that Slavery was indeed a bad thing and admitted that colonials did take a lot away from Africans and the black race . so it decided to repay back the loss. Check out this report 

Georgetown University on Thursday announced measures to atone for profiting from the sale of nearly 300 slaves in the 19th century, giving an edge in admissions to their descendants.

Georgetown is also renaming school buildings to honor those enslaved, creating a new institute for the study of slavery and building a memorial honoring slaves whose work benefited the university.

Georgetown, a Jesuit school founded in 1789, is one of the oldest universities in the United States.

In 1838, the sale of 272 slaves who worked on Jesuit plantations in nearby Maryland helped finance the university's operations. The sale was worth about $3.3 million in today's dollars, and the slaves were sent off to Louisiana.

The school used about $500,000 in today's dollars of the proceeds to pay off the school's growing debt.

Nearly two centuries after Georgetown's slave sale, America is still grappling with the legacy of slavery, which was formally abolished in 1865.

The reconciliatory moves are the outcome of a year-long, 16-member working group at Georgetown including students, faculty, staff and alumni. It found that many of the slaves were later resold.

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