Argungu: Home Of The Biggest Fishing Festival In Nigeria

Widely known for its spectacular fishing festival, Argungu is a city in Kebbi State in North-west Nigeria. Argungu offers visitors the best of hospitality, cuisine, and fun. The thriving city has an estimated population of 47,064 as at 2007. Largely agrarian, Argungu is a perfect place to getaway or escape the buzz of the city.

Things to do in Argungu

Attend the Argungu fishing festival

There is no other fishing festival as popular as the Argungu International fishing festival in Nigeria. It is a festival that attracts visitors from far and wide and it is one of the most anticipated festivals in Nigeria. The yearly festival is a four-day cultural event that comes to a peak with the fishing festival in Matan Fada River. Fishermen from the nooks and crannies of Kebbi make feisty attempts and efforts to catch the biggest fish. The man who catches the biggest fish is handsomely rewarded. The annual event apart from the fishing festival also features musical, cultural and sports events.

Check out Kanta Museum

The Kanta Museum is situated nigh to the central market. The museum was formerly the Emir’s palace between 1831 and 1942 before it was converted to a museum in 1958. The museum is an impeccable place to learn and fathom the history of the people of Argungu-their culture, values, arts and crafts. The museum was built in 1831 and is popularly called “the charm of Argungu”.

Visit the Palace of the Emir of Argungu

Besides the museum, another place you can experience the heritage of Argungu is the Emir of Argungu, Alhaji Samalia Mohammed Mera. At the palace, you will find artefacts, arts, traditional swords and regalia among other things.


Argungu is a tourist hub that attracts visitors from all over the world. Therefore, it follows that such a city will host hotels that are suitable for everyone. Jumia Travel have many of these hotels on their portal which you can book. Among some of these hotels are Madonna Guest Inn, Asmara Lodge, Peace exclusive suite, Kebbi Guest Inn and Nakowa Guest Inn and Suites.


The people of Argungu have a stunning blend of rich and delectable cuisine. Where can you eat these mouthwatering foods?  Some fantastic places to eat in Argungu are Tahir restaurant, Happiness Restaurant, Blossom Restaurant and Catering services and Echo Fresh and Restaurant.


Gwandu Supermarket, Fantastic Bookshop, Alubarika Supermarket and Mr. Jones Nene Enterprise are amongst the spots you can shop for groceries and other consumables .

Fun Fact

Argungu is the city that hosts the biggest and most popular fishing festival, tagged the Argungu International Fishing festival in Nigeria.

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