Happy Eid Mubarak : A message from Us

Yeeeeah! the year is gradually rounding up and the festivity months have begun , starting off with the Muslims, Eid, and we are excited along with our Muslim friends and family .

So we would like to wish all of you who are celebrating today and who have been following us since the beginning of the year. A splendid Eid Kabir.

Please take it easy on the animals that you kill, treat them nicely, share and feed someone today, and be very nice and may our prayers be answered. Amen

fun fact : Eid Mubarak is a period in the Muslim calendar which is derived from the holy story of Prophet Abraham and his son, whereby God replaced the sacrifice of prophet Abraham's son, Ismail with a ram. This is the origin of this festival and Muslims all over the world every year follow this tradition.


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