Lion King live-version remake, Yay or Nay

Disney officially announced Wednesday that a live-action version of the animated classic The Lion King is in the works, directed by The Jungle Book’s Jon Favreau.

The beloved 1994 children’s movie starring Simba, Mufasa, and various animal kingdom friends (and enemies) is one of Disney’s most long-lasting and lucrative hits, raking in nearly $969 million over its lifetime, according to Disney’s announcement. (When you add in its wildly successful stage adaptations, The Lion King has grossed more globally than any other film, Broadway show, or entertainment title “in box office history,” the company contends.) This new take on the musical cartoon follows in the footsteps of other entries in Disney’s animated library that have been transformed into live-action masterpieces: the upcoming Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, last year’s Jungle Book, and previously, the fairy tales of Cinderella and Maleficent, and Pete’s Dragon.

Favreau, wAs reported to be the brain behind Jungle Book remake,  and also has  blockbusters like Iron Man and the ever-popular holiday movie Elf, on his records.

However there are various reaction to this news, why some are obviously excited  , some are pissed  Disney is about to mess with a classic such as the Lion- King.

Do you think a remake is a move in the right direction.



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