War in Mosul : Using humans as body shield

"When they retreat from every village, they take the civilians with them to use as human shields" Iraqi army Col. Faisal Ali Abdellatif said.

Crippled and Running

At her house in Tulul al-Nasir, Bushra Hussein recalled how two armed militants came by one recent day.

“They said we had to gather on the road and that if they came back in 30 minutes and found us here, they’d kill us,” she said.

With thousands of her neighbours, she was marched north, pushing her disabled 26-year-old son in his wheelchair, which broke after several days. Unable to move him, she was allowed to stay by the side of the road with him, where she remained until security forces advanced. Her husband, three other sons, three daughters and grandchildren were all forced to move on with the militants, she said. They called her briefly two days earlier to say they were in Mosul.

“Thousands of families have been taken,” she said. “No one wanted to go.”

For those who refused to leave, the punishment was swift.

Tragedy at a Funeral

On the outskirts of the village, Moyad Atallah, 40, was attending a funeral for his three brothers, who were shot after protesting. Eight Islamic State fighters in pickup trucks mounted with machine guns had arrived at their house at sundown to round them up, he said. One brother refused.

“They shot him just there,” said Atallah, pointing at the dust outside his home. When his two other brothers then fought back, they were also killed, he said. The militants took their money and the family car, then kidnapped another brother and said they would return. The rest of the family fled and hid in an abandoned house nearby, including 11 now-orphaned children.

These which as led them to use people as a shield against attacks as coalition forces advance to take Mosul.

 Dark Clouds, Grief and extreme Paranoia is the order of things in  the ISIS stronghold of Mosul as civilians continue to be at the mercy of the militants who have resorted to using them as a body shield to protect  them from the firepower of the coalition forces.

Above are the narrowing narrations of people who have survived the paranoia that has taken over the ISIS camp  which lost over 800 soldiers in the latest onslaught by the coalition

ISIS is obviously banking on the devastation of these activities in order to create a human/psychological case for the Coalition forces to propose a cease-fire or retreat

Apparently the Islamic state is so frantic that they have no regard for the lives of civilians( they never did) and will continue to use these people as shield till the coalition forces retreat( that is so unlikely as the support of coalition forces is reported to have helped Iraqi forces in gaining some "good victories" and Mosul will certainly be a price but at what cost?

So, it is War in Mosul, civilians are trapped, militants and the military won't stop, because each side has a lot to lose if it falters in its effort to hold or regain a territory.

There is no way out for the Civilians if you think there is, send me a comment.

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