5 Enjoyable Weekend Habits That Prep Party Freaks For a New Week

Party freaks can’t wait for the weekend as it is a time for them to indulge with friends. They glide from one nightclub to another as they dance to loud music and down their favourite beverages. You can relate to this if you are in Lagos because the city offers the best of nightlife. They are addicted night crawlers and they forget everything about work. This is why many of them dread Mondays as they are always smug and appear unprepared for the demands of a new week. Nevertheless, you can still party as much as you want and still get the best out of the week. Want to know how to ace this? Jumia Travel reveals the secrets!

Choose a weekend day to party

You are wasting your time if you tell a party freak not to party. This may be impossible. But what is possible is that you should choose a day for you to party throughout. Afterward, all partying should be suspended till the next weekend. It is a nice way to curtail excessive partying.

Try to sleep

After your partying, it is important for you to find time to sleep. Often times, you think you have enough time, but at the tap of your fingers, your weekend is over! For example, if the nightclub is in Lekki, you can book hotels around Lekki.  This will ensure that you get a proper sleep and recover from the party hangover.

Avoid drinking yourself to stupor

You cannot be a serious party freak without drinking especially alcoholic beverages. Hence, the tendency for you to drink yourself to stupor is high. Try as much as possible not to fall for the temptation of drinking competitions with your friends. Apart from being embarrassed, it may suffer an alcoholic hangover which may probably take time to wear off.


Plan the week on Sunday night

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don’t want to fail, plan your week on Sunday night. This will no doubt take the pressure off the new week.

Party with friends who can caution you

There is always that person among your circle of friends who can caution you whenever you party. He is the one who prevents you from getting drunk and drives you home when you are tipsy. Without them, you may never be able to recover from your partying escapades.


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