Odd : Arizona Cop punch white woman in the face

Shocked? Troubled? Suprised? Disturbed? What exactly were your emotions when you saw this video of a cop punching a white woman , sorry for sounding a little racist but that kind of scenario is rarely witnessed as this kind of situation mostly tends to happen to Black Women. However, Black Or White , it doesn't matter, police violence must not be condoned. That's me frankly speaking. Meanwhile, here is the gist about this video and this is will sort of increase your doubts about Trump regime that is if you already had doubts .It just seems some people are just going around harrassing people based on the fact that Donald Trump won and can you blame them? No! The president-elect himself led them on during his campaign although in my opinion that was political play-acting.

The Story

So let's get to the story. This incident happened in Arizona where a cop, Jeff Bonar, appeared to have struck a lady and according to reports he has been placed on administrative leave. Here is the backstory on the case as reported by The Arizona Republic . According to the report, Jimmy Sedillo, a man who claims the lady struck in the video was his girlfriend, and the video was recorded by his brother-in-law. The couple were getting evicted and several officers, including Bonar, were observing, Sedillo said. But during that process, Bonar allegedly confronted the woman over a warrant for her arrest—which apparently didn’t exist anymore. “You can’t hit a girl like that!” said one angry witness on tape. “She had a warrant a few weeks ago,” Sedillo said. “He still assumed she had a warrant.” In the video, the woman and supportive witnesses said that no, she didn’t have a warrant anymore.Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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