U.S Protest: What will be Donald Trump first and Next Move?

Frankly speaking, it was no surprise that there was an outrage after President-elect, Donald Trump was declared as the winner of the United states presidential election defeating democratic counterpart, Hilary Clinton, through electoral college votes.

Although Hilary Clinton won by popular vote. but in America, that really does not count because of the electoral college system.

So the victory of Donald Trump was quite unprecendented, However. looking at the pattern of succession in the United states , Trump's win shouldn't be much of a surprise because it has always been after a democrat has ruled for 8 years, a republican must rule for another 8 years.

That trend has no broken and it is not about to as this election has shown.

However, with all his controversial speeches and comments , it is no suprise that many are afraid of What Donald Trump might do on entering the oval office.

Agreed! He is the president but will he carry out the threats he made during the campaign period?

Apparently, democrat supporters and some Americans can't wait for him to think about carying those threats out, before they take action because they believe there is the high probability, Donald Trump might build a wall, ban muslims , reduce gun control and all other outrageous threats couched in promises that he made.

Now as the president -elect, the question is , will Donald Trump carry out his threat? Will he retract the statements he made during the campaign period.

Finally, what will be Donald Trump's First  and Next move as president of the United States of America?

According to him, in his winning speech,under his presidency , efforts will be focused more on economy and international relations, but how so?

From a man who said Mexicans are rapist, Who does not really like Muslims and is ally with Russia. Although he is reported to have retracted the statement of banning muslims on his website but the protest have not stopped infact i dare say the protest has intensified.

Do you know's what Trump's move might be?


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