100 Question on the mind of every Nigerian but never answered

In life, there are various problem faced by every man, and as a result our mind begin to ask questions, for we see them as probe into the opening of our minds to the answers. Sorry a little philosophical. Questions are sometimes the answers we need to answer certain problems (the right questions that is) in our lives. So, like many humans of different countries, there are various issues that trouble the mind of the citizenry anytime something happens to them or to the country,  or to a group of elites in the nation,  or let me put it this way, every time they see the news.

Unfortunately, these questions have not moved Nigerians nearer to the solutions to their problem. Here are 100 questions that is likely to be on the mind of every single Nigerian from time to time

Here we go!

  1. When will Nigeria get better?
  2. Who will save Nigeria?
  3. When will Nigerians change?
  4. Prayerful as Nigerians answered, why are their prayers for good leadership not answered?
  5. Will Nigerian ever return to its glory days, if yes, when will it ever be under the current administration?
  6. Is Nigeria still the Giant of Africa?
  7. When will this recession end?
  8. What is Buhari doing?
  9. Can corruption ever be erased or reduced?
  10. Can Buhari achieve the change he set out to achieve?
  11. Will $1 ever equal #1 once again?
  12. Will Nigeria ever reach the status of First class nation?

  1. Who is Nigeria’s Problem?
  2. Are Nigerians the problem of Nigeria?
  3. Are the leaders the problem of Nigeria?
  4. Are external factors or forces the problem of Nigeria?
  5. What is Nigeria’s problem?
  6. Ethnicity in diversity, will ethnic groups see one another as part of the same nation?
  7. Is Boko Haram defeated?
  8. Who sponsored the group?
  9. Did Jonathan really fail Nigerians?
  10. When did Nigeria started to go downhill?
  11. Was it during the civilian regime?
  12. Was it the military regime?
  13. Would Nigeria be ruled better if it was ruled by the military?
  14. Is democracy befitting for Nigeria?
  15. Should Nigeria heed the advice of the western powers?
  16. Should Nigeria continue to rely(borrow) from Brenton woods organizations( IMF, WORLD BANK)
  17. Who is really ruling Nigeria?
  18. When will Nigeria reach the stage of “E don beta”?
  19. For how long, will Nigeria languish in “E go beta”?
  20. What caused this recession?
  21. Was it the fight against corruption?
  22. Was it self-inflicted by Buhari?
  23. Was it self-inflicted by the people?
  24. Is the foreign exchange the main reason prices of things have gone high?
  25. Are Nigerians the cause of the recession or is the Government of the day responsible?
  26. Is corruption fighting back?
  27. How can Nigerians beat Corruption?
  28. Can Buhari ever defeat corruption?
  29. Should the method of Jerry Rawlings be effected in Nigeria?
  30. Should all current Nigerian leaders be removed?
  31. Without fighting corruption, would there have been a recession?
  32. Was the mismanagement in Jonathan’s regime the cause of the recession?
  33. Abacha’s loot, How much is it exactly?
  34. Or is it just a feel-good apparatus?
  35. Can Nigeria ever completely recover the loot?
  36. The ones recovered, what have they been used for?
  37. Should the National Youth Service Corp be scrapped?
  38. Should it be made optional?
  39. What is the economic benefit derived from the National Youth Service Corp?
  40. Who does the National Youth service benefit?
  41. Should there be a review of the conduct of the Youth service Corp?
  42. Unemployment, whose fault is it?
  43. Can it ever be reduced?
  44. How can it be reduced?
  45. Should Nigerian youths return to learning a trade or skill after over 10 years of schooling?
  46. Should the Nigeria educational system be reviewed?
  47. Should the focus of Nigeria education change?
  48. Why is there an appeal by Nigerian to go overseas?
  49. Why is Nigeria so repulsive to the Nigerian teen or youth?
  50. Why do the youths want to leave the country?
  51. Is the government doing enough to retain Nigerians in Nigeria?
  52. Or is the government the main catalyst of the exodus of Nigerians from Nigeria?
  53. Which ethnic group likes money more?
  54. Why do all Nigerians worship money so?
  55. Why is there a mad craze for money during this period?
  56. Will the craving for the medium of exchange ever reduce?
  57. Is there much higher craze for money during this period?
  58. When Nigerians cry out, what does the government think?
  59. Will Nigerians ever get good leaders?
  60. Are the Nigerian Youths the leaders of tomorrow?
  61. After the incorruptible Buhari leaves office in 2019, who would be Nigeria’s Next option?
  62. Is Nigeria safe yet from terrorist activities?
  63. Will Buhari ever achieve any landmark achievement?
  64. Nigerians are hungry, why?
  65. After the crash of oil prices worldwide, why has Nigeria yet to fully turn to agriculture?
  66. Will the Oil wells of Nigeria ever dry up?
  67. For how long will Nigeria continue to rely on oil?
  68. Are we really reaping dividends from the production of Oil?
  69. Fuel price increase, what is really necessary?
  70. What has been the benefits?
  71. PDP OR APC; Who is the enemy or the party of the people?
  72. Did Nigeria really gain independence in the 1960s?
  73. Are we still independent?
  74. What was the motive behind killing Aguiyi Ironsi?
  75. Did any external influence have any part in his death?
  76. Nigeria as a unitary state, a good idea or a selfish one?
  77. Biafran war, which side was right and violated?
  78. Aburi accord, what really was agreed between Ojukwu and Gowon?
  79. Was the Biafran war a set up by external influence on African Soil?
  80. The assassination of Ramat Muhammad, apart from Dimka , who also had a hand in the death?
  81. The Sage, Obafemi Awolowo, was he really the man of the people (Nigerians) or of his people?
  82. Who triggered the decay of corruption that is now ravaging Nigeria?
  83. Shagari, Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo, and other “Nigerian politics” legend, who had the largest role in the decay?
  84. Are there Nigerians who don’t want Nigeria to develop?
  85. Is Buhari ascendancy to power in 2015, a benefit of the people or pursuit of self-fulfillment after many trials?
  86. Economic Recession, a camouflage by the governing class or the Truth?
  87. Can Buhari really win the fight against Corruption?
  88. 2019, what lies ahead for Nigeria?

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