Gross but Funky! Doctor performs surgery with Snapchat spectacles

In September, Snapchat unveiled a new product called Spectacles — a pair of glasses that records video in 10-second increments and saves all the clips to your Snapchat Memories. Crucially, Spectacles allow for videos filmed hands-free, allowing for Snapchat stories like this one of Dr. Shafi Ahmed performing hernia repair surgery at the London Independent Hospital.

"The Snapchat platform is really interesting because it mimics who we are," Dr. Ahmed told Time. "It thinks on a 24-hour, short-term basis, and we, as individuals, work in short-term basis. We see things, we forget about them. Some goes into our long-term memory, but most of it, 95% of it, is all short-term."

Time adds that close to 200 of Dr. Ahmed's medical students watched the operation happen over Snapchat, hopefully picking up tips for their careers and, you know, social media. "The response was really good, Dr. Ahmed explained, adding that his students also appreciated that his edits cut "all the boring bits of the operation that may not have educational value for students."

Watch the Video Below: Warning: Graphic Content

Source: Popular Mechanics


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