How to get more Social media followers without paying

With so many social media users out there, it may seem difficult to drastically grow your following across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. Pop Sugar lists out simple ways you can increase your presence . . . without actually paying for followers.

  1. Try posting consistently: It's easy for a tweet or Instagram photo to get lost in the feed. Increase your visibility by sticking to a consistent and regular schedule. On the other hand, you don't want to bombard your readers, but a few tweets a day and an Instagram post every two days should do the trick.
  2. Actually use hashtags: I know what you're thinking — this is an obvious point. If you aren't already, however, tacking on a few hashtags to every post can really affect your reach. Also, make sure to research the hashtags you're using so that they correspond to the correct hashtag that's actually trending.
  3. Create your own hashtag: While it's good to use hashtags that are trending across the internet, think about starting your own, too! The tag can be a witty play on your name and will group together photos with a similar theme.
  4. Download photo editing apps: Photography apps — like VSCO Cam and Snapseed— offer additional filters that can give your Instagram feed a cohesive and polished look. The best part? A lot of the great ones are free! For more apps, click here.
Consider your brand: Take this tip with a grain of salt. We recognize that individuals are incredibly dynamic and multidimensional, so we wouldn't want to encourage you whittling your very being down to a singular "brand." You should, however, have your tweets and captions match your personal voice in real life. Your online presence will end up feeling more authentic as a result. Continue readingFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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