SEO : 4 Things You should expect in 2017

As a blogger, marketer, entrepreneur and anybody who has a website or a blog, SEO is one thing we will continue to learn throughout our career -life. As SEO trends are bound to change at any time depending on Google's prerogative. So here are what to expect in 2017 when it comes to SEO by Business 2 Community

1) Mobile becomes Priority.

If 2016 gave on emphasis mobile-friendly factors and optimising for portable devices, 2017 will make it a priority. With the increase in mobile purchases and usage, Google and other online experts foresee a future where on-the-go gadgets would become a must-have. Thus, mobile-friendliness won’t only be an ‘add-on’: it will be THE priority.

However, don’t discount desktop and laptops just yet! Especially if you’re an e-commerce site, it’s important to have a presence in all devices so as not to ignore potential markets.

Pay attention to Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which are basically websites that act and feel like apps. This means they’re more reliable (instant access even with low to no connectivity), faster, and more engaging. With this technology, users in 2017 will expect a smoother, more responsive experience with web browsing. So invest in this knowledge today!

2) More focus on image and video.

I believe there are two main drivers for the renewed interest in image and video optimization:

  • The younger generation (Gen Z, aged 14 to 17) is more visual-oriented. As they say, children are the future. It won’t be long before these kids get a job and become direct consumers themselves.
  • As the shift moves towards VR, images – or immersive environments – become the norm. In fact, today’s most popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all focus on images and video.

Just this December, Google released an update that allowed schema rich snippets to appear when you click on a photo that is product-related. This means that search engines are only getting better with recognizing and categorizing images. Just take a look at Google’s reverse image search to be impressed at how far this tool has gone. So expect to see more updates and/or upcoming features for photos and videos soon.

3) Creative native/earned advertising.

2016 saw tons of high-quality content, from videos, infographics, to interactive articles. But what many people didn’t realise is that those emotionally-driven vids and thought-provoking photos were in fact, paid adverts. However, as they were so imaginatively created and marketed, people didn’t mind at all that they were sponsored content.

A good example would be one of The New York Times’ interactive article on women inmates. It was in fact, a paid post for the Netflix series, ‘Orange is the New Black’, which was mentioned only ONCE in the entire work.

2017 SEO

In general, the content was informative, immersive, and highlighted a topic of great interest. In 2017, expect to see such types of marketing strategy from brands and small businesses alike. Not only is this form of content more engaging, it’s a great investment to build your online authority and audience loyalty.

4. Stuffing Keyword will be an embarrassment

Just to add to this list, do you know anybody still doing this in 2016, despite the fact that Google Seo has since relegated the practice to "abomination tactics". In 2017, with the way people have deviated from the practice which is notoriously a bad and amateur SEO move, anyone that tries to use, will certainly be embarrassed by the lack of recognition by Google. Conclusion Get ready for a lot of changes next year because new trends are bound to burst out on and off social media, and lest i forget , Do Not Understimate the power of Social Media. See you in 2017Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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