Twitter definitely needs an edit feature – Dorsey

CEO Jack Dorsey asked Twitter users what improvements they most wanted to see, and of course, he got quite an handful of replies -- over 5,700. The most requested feature was the ability to edit tweets after you've sent them, rather than having to delete and start again, which the top man at the social media company agreed that "the edit  feature is def needed," and that the company is "thinking a lot about it."

Dorsey suggested that there are two types of edits Twitter could implement. The first would allow a window, say five minutes, to fix any typos, bad links and other user errors. The other would allow you to make edits anytime, much as you can on Facebook.

However, some users suggested any edits would worsen trust issues with the site, and personally, I do agree as twitter over the years has been known for it's original content due to  on-the-time tweets feature and  also by permitting the ability to alter tweets, news sites or prominent individuals could slightly change their context and meaning, to save themselves from potential embarrassment or Social media fails.   for instance. President-elect Trump, for one, considers the site as his own personal "newspaper -- without the losses," he once tweeted. With this feature whenever he tweets something controversial( which is almost a normal thing)  and he deletes the tweets, many users might not notice if one has been slightly altered.

However, as with Facebook, Twitter would be forced to implement a revision history in that case so that edits don't go "off the public record," Dorsey said.

Del is enough, edit could be dangerous

"Delete is enough. Context changing post-fact is dangerous," user Justyn Howard replied to Dorsey. He added that even short edit windows between 30 seconds and five minutes aren't really needed since you can just delete and repost a tweet.

@JBoorman I say "do you like to eat pizza", you reply "yes" 3 minutes later. I change pizza to babies. Wouldn't you rather I deleted it?

— Justyn Howard (@Justyn) December 29, 2016

Other top suggestions were to introduce bookmarks so you could find favorite tweets easier, rather than just using the "like" button, which also effectively endorses the tweet. The other main demand, of course, was to improve safety and reporting options for bullies, something Twitter has been taken to task for many times. In replying to many of those requests, Dorsey called it the company's "top priority."

Source: Engadget


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