Self Driving : The Point of view of a Tesla Car

The results of Artificial Intelligence and the ability of machines to work themselves has always been fascinating and is always appealing to the human senses especially teens and youths.

The old have their limits in appreciating advanced levels of technology like Artificial Intelligence and some surely have their reservation about cars self-driving, but for most , the idea is simply intriguing.

Tesla, one of the models along with Google to ever test such technology released another video according to an article on Engadget which shows the car's point of view while driving.

A car's point of view, that will surely blow the mind of a 60-year-old and wish he could go back in time.  The video shows what  an autonomous EV sees as it navigates local roads. As the clip illustrates, the cameras and sensors have to detect many, many different objects at any given moment: road lines, signs, lights, pedestrians and cars are among the many examples. The car even captures the "motion flow" of the environment to get a sense of where it's going.


This isn't a flawless test run. You see the vehicle slow down unnecessarily for people running by the roadside (about 1:30 in), for example. It's also uncertain how well this sort of demo would work in less than favorable conditions, such as snowy weather or nighttime drives on poorly-lit roads. However, it's still impressive. The car is sufficiently aware of its environment that the driver doesn't have to touch the wheel once, even in relatively complex situations.

Source: Numerous( but got my from Engadget)


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