8 Crucial Questions about the Women’s March

It's on everyone's lips, It is the Number one trending issue on Social media, and it is already making headlines and will presumably continue to do so throughout the week and what is this phenomenon which has become a phenomenal event overnight?  it is the Women's March in Washington.

Here are few points and gists you need to know.

  1. About 500,00 are said to be protesting( in thelatest report by Pop Crave January   is now the BIGGEST protest in US HISTORY. Estimated 2.9 million people marched
  2. Majority of the protesters are women
  3. Madonna, Alicia Keys and many other celebrities are present at the March.
  4. Madonna during the March used the f* word, cussed at the president and said " She thought about bombing the white House" is that terrorist statement?
  5. The March is being held in Washington.

However, this March by women who are protesting over the election of Donald Trump as president,  is also protest against "controversial stance of " the 45th president on some issue that pertaining to women and coupled with the various leaks of his relation with women.

This March also poses some serious questions and here they are

  1. Are we about to witness an American Spring like the Arabian Spring of 2011 that affected Egypt, Jordan, Syria and other parts?
  2. If it is, Can it be as serious as the Arab Springs were?
  3. How long will the Women's March Last?
  4. After the celebs leave the protest grounds, will the protest still hold weight and stay Viral?
  5. How far -reaching can the effect of the protest be?
  6. Will this March influence the Donald Trump's administration on its previous stance on "controversial issues"?
  7. What will be the New President's reply?
  8. Will the Women's March protesters get what they want in the end?

If you have answers to this question, drop a comment or send it to my social media handle @1creeknation on every platform you know. 


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